“The best father in the world”: man without arms or legs overcomes adversity and raises only his daughters

This father showed that love is greater than limitations and raised his daughters in the best way. Learn about the moving story!

Last update: December 22, 2021

The great priority of parents is to be able to raise their children. Because of that, they always find a way to overcome any adversity and protect the well-being of their loved ones.

This was demonstrated by Pablo Acuña, a Paraguayan father without legs or arms who had to raise his two daughters alone. This is because his wife abandoned him when the youngest girl was just a few months old.

But nevertheless, He always remained strong and was in charge of transmitting to his daughters the most valuable teachings so that they could live well. In addition, despite her condition, she found ways that girls could have a good education and never lack for anything.

That way, with his attitude he reflected that the love of a father is greater than everything. Well, despite adverse circumstances, he never gave up or left his daughters adrift.

Pablo, the great father

Due to his noble heart, Pablo always had the fortune of having the constant support of his mother. That way, Ignacia, the 90-year-old lady, provided unconditional assistance to him and the daughters.

In this way, together they attended to each of the needs that were presented to the girls. This because of Pablo communicated his teachings and ideas, and the lady was in charge of managing the pertinent requests so that the daughters were well.

In addition to this, the mother was the great angel who remained in Paul’s life. Well, the man lives in a wheelbarrow and, therefore, needs someone to mobilize him and attend to his most fundamental needs.

The reciprocity of one of the daughters

One of Pablo’s daughters had the opportunity to go live in Argentina due to the advice and negotiations organized between the father and the grandmother. Nevertheless, He recently returned to take care of his father.

This is because she recognizes that it is time to give back to her father all that he has done for her. Well, knows that it requires personalized attention and grandmother already has a hard time attendingalone because of his age.

Also, apart from making sure that his father can satisfy all his needs, he is working hard to fulfill one of his greatest wishes. Well, in a few years he wants to give him the house that Pablo has always longed to have.

On the other hand, the daughter admitted to the media that she managed to get ahead due to the advice her father gave her. This since He taught him to face life with positivism and has a great capacity for conviction in his words.

Final reflection

This story shows that there are no limitations for parents. Well, They act with unconditional love that allows them to overcome all obstacles and provide their children with everything they require.

In addition, Pablo is a great example of the attitude that a father should always have. This because regardless of their condition, He always showed that he had the dedication to closely follow everything that happened with his daughters and to manage the pertinent aid.

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