The best exercises to lose weight from home without having to go to the gym

Like every day, play exercise. Maybe you just woke up and feel like going for a run but it's raining, Either your gym is closed, or you have to work all day from home and you don't have time to go running afterwards. Whatever the reason, the question is that you cannot play sports and you have to stay at home, now what?

Do not worry. With a little space at home (remove some furniture) you can, without a doubt, make your board exercises as if you were in your sports center. Probably you are so fond of this habit at home that you can unsubscribe from the gym without feeling that guilt that invades you when you do not meet your goals. Answer the late mails, talk to your partner, make dinner and, in between, get on your board.

Quick leg workout

You don't have much time. Nothing like a quick leg session, which can be alternated. If you don't have a kettlebell or a weight, try a small box of books. You can choose the weight of it, depending on the novels you decide to put.

Once you're ready, start with overtaking the right or left leg, the one that gives you the most anger, take the box with the hand that corresponds to the leg that you have not advanced, and do squat exercises. Try doing three repetitions of 12 exercises. In about seven minutes you will have gained energy and strengthened the legs.


If you have a little more time, it's a great exercise to practice at home. If you don't have a mat or mat (which would be ideal, we are not going to fool you), try a carpet and set aside the furniture that may bother you. If you still don't have enough security to exercise on your own, there are many tutorials that they can help you.

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The best? It will help you relax and if you have back painsIt will surely ease them. Further, improves posture and is a very complete exercise. Give him, of course, at least 30 or 50 minutes.


Strengthen and build them It is another thing that you can do perfectly at home, without having to move. You can do it in ten to fifteen minutes, so it's a good option when you don't have time.

Yoga or lower body workouts are very effective and can be done at home

Everyone falls into the mistake of believing that with repetitions the abdominal is built. 'Meec' error. First of all, you should let the muscle rest at least one day, and neither 2,000 sit-ups are required. Working your arms and back is also vital. Diet in this case is very important too, since we must do without abdominal fat in order to start building it. Add ehierarchies in which you have to make the table.


Have you been sitting at work or at home all day and feel like getting active? The 'burpees' they are comfortable, simple and effective. They're also high-intensity and crossfit classics, so they're always a good idea. It is estimated that training them can burn between 40% and 60% more fat than usual workouts for improve muscle power.

This series of movements makes practically all the musculature work, mainly pectorals, arms, quadriceps, calves, abdomen and buttocks. Doing three repetitions of 20 is more than enough, and if you have time you can combine them with the other exercises that we have suggested and you will end up having a very complete workout without spending a single hard time. Not so bad.