The best electric blankets and thermal pillows

Electric blankets help to get warm when temperatures drop but also allow us to relieve muscle tensions for back, neck and shoulders. An indispensable device in our house to warm us up in cold days or take care of the muscle and joint health. One of the best electric blankets on the market is the electric blanket Alear, a machine washable pharmacy blanket, with automatic shutdown, valid for wet and dry heat therapy and effective as a professional treatment aid.

The best, our choice: Alear electric thermal pad

First, the best electric blanket of the Alear brand for much of the Amazon user community. Able to accumulate a 95% 5-star reviews in more than 140 ratings that make it worthy of the first place in our comparison of electric blankets. In fact, this blanket has the best value for money of all analyzed. “It has an appropriate size and is made of soft material so it is super comfortable,” says Isabel M. For her part, Martín says that “it seemed small but I am happy with the purchase. Economic option and easy to use ”.

Regarding the technical characteristics of this electric blanket, it should be noted that it has 3 heat levels, it is very safe since turns off alone after 1.5 hours With its automatic shutdown. Their 30×60 dimensions cm allow global use throughout the body: neck, back, abdomen, legs and shoulders. It has quick-wiring metal, more efficient and faster than usual, made of graphene.

Second option: MaxKare oversized electric pad

The best electric blanket of the MaxKare brand is second in our list but could occupy the first. While the price of this pad is the cheapest of the three blankets analyzed, its quality is excellent. More than one 4.4 stars out of 5 with almost 200 reviews They deserve to be highlighted. “The price of this flexible electric blanket and its features encouraged me to buy. I got it right, ”says Adrián M. On the other hand, Roque M. says“ I usually fall asleep on the couch and the overheating system gives peace of mind ”.

This blanket of large size 50×60 cm is covered by a washable microfiber fabric and has a remote control with LCD screen and backlight. Excellent protection against overheating. Despite its measurements, this electric blanket is portable and you can use it in any room of your home.

Alternative: Medisana HDW 60227 electric blanket

Finally, the best electric blanket of the Medisana brand is a less economical alternative to the previous ones. About 250 ratings on Amazon with a 72% of opinions above the 4 stars. "Very soft and easy to wash," says Jesus D. Safety is once again important for Monica, who points out that "I really like the automatic shutdown, ideal for older people or children."

We are facing a smart electric blanket Y reversible which heats on both sides. Your fabric is soft and breathable. In addition, it is intuitive and very easy to use thanks to the temperature control by means of an LED operation indicator. And in terms of cleaning and maintenance you can put it directly in the washing machine at 30 ° C thanks to its removable connection cable.

How to choose an electric blanket and what to consider before buying one?

When buying an electric blanket we must take into account several determining factors to make the most of any of the best electric blankets on the market. Aspects that will allow us to succeed and that the best brands of electric blankets are taken very seriously to offer the best possible product. We talk about:


Probably one of the most interesting points of the comparison of electric blankets is the relative how to use a blanket safely. The first models were much more dangerous than the current ones given the low quality of their fabrics and their low resistance to overheating. Luckily, manufacturers were able to react and add elements to make their use safer.

The current blankets have a overheating system that disconnects the current that reaches the blanket when it has been running for a certain time. Thanks to the blankets come with power off function Its use is safer.


Usually, electric blankets are made with of double sided flannel. Touch soft Y flexible in some cases. Depending on the quality in which the heating heating pad is manufactured, its price will vary.

Heat emitted

Even the cheapest electric blanket allows temperature control. The heat range of the vast majority of blankets usually ranges from 20 to 40 degrees, and can be easily regulated.

Control command

All blankets incorporate a device to vary the intensity, time and other functions depending on each type of electric blanket. Very useful for treatments that require different temperatures and application intensities.


We leave for the end the most important element that every recommended electric blanket should have. We talk about power, a measure that determines the time it takes to heat the blanket and the heat it can emit. It is usual that the best electric blankets incorporate powers between 70-100w.

What is an electric blanket?

An electric blanket is a device electronic used in the home that generates heat by means of an internal resistance and that can be controlled by means of a control. It is also known as heating pad and can be used to provide heat to the back, neck, shoulders or legs, indistinctly.

The best electric blankets are a basic element in all homes during the cold times and the winter. But it also helps to treat muscle ailments such as contractures and other diseases that require a fast heating blanket.

How does an electric blanket work?

Electric blankets are really useful for muscle or joint pain and are recommended to help remit pain in these types of health treatments such as those used by specialists to physiotherapy. Therapy hot It allows an adjuvant effect to treat patients with muscle injuries.

The functioning of a electric blanket It is really simple. It must be placed on the area we want to treat because it is suitable for legs, for him cervical pain and relieve the upper train. The heat makes the blood go to the affected area and facilitating the dilation of the blood vessels to make the oxygen reach the pain site earlier and relieve it faster. Without a doubt, an effective method to download cervical or lumbar tensions produced by the effort of everyday life.

For start this heating device we just have to plug the electric blanket to the current and set the desired temperature on the control knob with different adjustable temperature levels. The resistance of the blanket will be activated and will begin to emit heat efficiently to achieve maximum heat conservation.

Types of electric blankets

In the market there are different types of electric blankets. In our comparison we want to highlight two great types: the standard blankets and those of the duvet type.

Thermal pads are more versatile while electric blankets are focused on beds and sofas

Standard blankets

The most common which can be found in the home of any Spanish. Easily adaptable to offer to discharge tensions by applying heat to the neck, back and shoulders. Thanks to your relaxing effect, the best standard electric blankets allow pain to remit in those affected muscles.

There are different variants of the standard blanket. We would like to highlight the thermal pads Special for what area of ​​the body. For example, it is possible to find an electric pad for the cervicals, for the neck or for the lumbar that perfectly cover these areas and adapt to concentrate the heat and relax the sore muscle.

Duvet-type electric blankets

This type of electric blankets are very used during winter to stand above comforters Y bedspread since they are capable of warm the bed so that when we go to bed we can get warm, sleep faster and rest is better. These types of large electric blankets are very practical for use in beds and in sofas.

The oversized electric blankets They allow to cover much more space and adapt to single, double beds as there are models of the appropriate size for all measures.

Warm blankets

There is another type of blanket of more recent creation and are able to make our feet warm up in record time. Ideal for the coldest nights of winter in which the cold in the feet does not allow us to catch an eye.

Among its main advantages, the speed with which it heats and the inner lining that favors the heat build up. Of course, a method to sleep in winter as successful.

What is an electric blanket for?

Electric blankets were created to improve people's quality of life. Are highly recommended during winter to help us warm the bed in cold nights, quickly get warm and allow sleep better.

Another use of blankets is the Therapeutic use. When we have muscle or joint discomfort, applying heat to the focus of pain helps reduce it and allows us to fight neck, shoulder or back pain in an economical and simple way.

What advantages do electric blankets provide?

These devices have advantage What we should remember before buying an electric blanket:

  • Security: Most electric blankets have automatic shutdown and overheating system that favor nighttime use and especially for those who usually fall asleep quickly.
  • Improvement of joint and muscle ailments: The excellent calming effect of electric blankets makes them an ideal device to take care of your health.
  • Saving: electric blankets allow you to save as using them will reduce the use of heating or electric heaters.
  • Low energy consumption: most of these devices have efficient and environmentally friendly energy certifications.

How long should an electric blanket be used?

In case of a treatment of muscle or joint injuries, we recommend that you follow the instructions of the traumatologist or physiotherapist. However, experts often indicate that the Continued use of the electric blanket should not exceed 15 minutes and may be applied at intervals every quarter of an hour, at intervals. You will begin to notice relief from your contractures and tensions.