The best deco ideas and tricks to enjoy your terrace in winter (and how to make the most of it all year round, even if it is small)

Beyond the charm of aperitifs in the sun and chats under the open sky, the new circumstances make outdoor dates the most desired (and desirable) right now. Therefore, after reviewing the restaurants with the best winter terraces to eat well (and safely) with your friends, we show you a few infallible deco tricks to make the most of yours throughout the year and the most beautiful ideas to leave it in a magazine, however small it may be.


We do not get tired of repeating it: the size, in decoration at least, does not matter (too much). And it is that, although we all would like a terrace of almost 1,000 square meters like the one of the most expensive mansion in the United States, a small balcony can become a true oasis if we know how to decorate it and make the most of the space. In this case, the whites that we always talk about as ‘magical’ do not have as much prominence as the materials used or the versatile and functional furniture.


Wood seems like the absolute protagonist of the decoration of the terrace, always treated with finishes adapted for exteriors, which protect the furniture from inclement weather such as cold, rain or snow. Teak, very fashionable; natural pine, with an excellent value for money; tropical woods such as ipe, cumaru or iroko, very resistant; or cedar, with a resin that ‘repels’ moisture or insects, are safe bets both for furniture and ornamental details or exterior cladding.

When choosing furniture, nothing better than versatile and multifunctional pieces, especially in small spaces: benches with storage, folding and extendable tables, outdoor sofas with chests, mobile shelves, auxiliary furniture with wheels that are easy to transport… In addition, textiles, once again, will play a fundamental role, so in addition to a few thick blankets to cover yourself with when it gets cold, don’t hesitate to place large curly wool or fur cushions and even natural fiber rugs that are resistant to outdoor use, which They will add even more warmth.

And speaking of warmth, it’s time to raise the temperature on our terrace to really feel comfortable. If you can (and your building or community allows it), nothing better than installing some kind of partial enclosure that protects us from the wind or the rain, from masonry roofs (wood, once again, is the best option) to mobile glass panels that adapt to the needs of each moment. In addition, it is almost essential to put some kind of air conditioning, whether they are outdoor stoves (gas or electric), heat mushrooms or small fireplaces or wood-burning braziers that, again, in addition to being highly ornamental, will be practical and will allow us to enjoy this outdoor space despite the cold of winter.

Finally, we put the icing on our terrace with two of the decoration elements that work best both outdoors and indoors: lights and plants. For lighting, nothing better than combining points of indirect light with lanterns or candles, with garlands of warm light, verbena type, which will create a comfortable and perfect environment. In addition, outdoor plants (remember to always choose varieties that suit the corresponding season and climate), flowers and even a small vegetable garden will turn your terrace, even the smallest balcony, into a wonderful urban garden.

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