The best deco bargains are not on sale: 10 very cheap furniture and decorations that we have found in the IKEA outlet

Adapting the trends of the season to our needs, having a more sustainable home, knowing the best tricks to make rooms look bigger, betting on ‘made in Spain’ crafts… and yes, and having a magazine house without need for large budgets. Our deco goals for 2022 are clear, so today we have set to work to find the best bargains to achieve it and, this time, we pass on the sales because we have found some better offers: those of the IKEA outlet. Will we be able to outdo ourselves, after furnishing an entire living room for less than 350 euros?

Speaking of living room, this room becomes the center of life at home, so it is impossible not to make it the protagonist of this low cost selection. A sofa for less than 100 euros? achieved. Curtains and carpet for less than 50? Done. A sideboard that is used for everything, for less than 150 euros? Of course.

The divan-style sofa bed is reduced to 99 euros at the IKEA outlet. The shelving unit, perfect for use as a showcase in the living room or dining room, costs 149 euros and the patterned curtains, 35 euros. / IKEA

Another fundamental point in the decoration of our house is light. We already know that it is capable of achieving that spaces seem bigger and, at the same time, it will wrap everything in an atmosphere of unique warmth. How? With indirect lighting points, auxiliary lamps and yellow bulbs that provide that point of comfort and intimacy.

The garland of lights is reduced to 6 euros at the IKEA outlet, the industrial-inspired ceiling lamp, 9 euros; and the decorative lantern, 6 euros. / IKEA

Finally, we are not going to miss out on these bargains from the IKEA outlet where we can take a short break. For the terrace, which, as we told you yesterday, you can make the most of in winter as well, we chose this wonderful bench with a pergola; and nothing more practical than a stackable stool to add color to the kitchen for less than 10 euros! And in the dining room, a design chair, but in a ‘low cost’ version: believe it or not, this IKEA model that you’ve seen in a thousand and one places, is a replica of August Thonet’s chair no. that was manufactured industrially.

The bench with pergola for the garden or terrace is reduced to 59 euros at the IKEA outlet, the dining chair goes to 39 euros and the stackable colored stools, to 9 euros. / IKEA

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