The best crafts made with old cutlery

We all have things we do not use at home, and many of them are in the kitchen. A great option to get rid of those utensils, and renovate our house without throwing everything away, it is recycling and turning into decorative objects. It only takes a little imagination and sometimes some help. Next, we will see some ideas of the best crafts made with old cutlery. Make them at home!

Ideas for making crafts with old cutlery

The old cutlery is made of a resistant material that is worth taking advantage of. If you have kept them in a closet for many years, it is time to reuse them in other projects for your home. Put these interesting ideas into practice!

Coat rack made with forks

To make an original and very decorative rack with forks, you do not need many things. You only need a wooden board and a few forks that are not used.

To modify the forks to the taste of each one, it will be necessary to heat them with a torch; each of them can have a different form. Then only the forks will be stuck on the board and ready; We will have a beautiful clothes rack to hang clothes on.

The old forks are ideal to make a nice coat rack with rustic style. You can use it to hang different clothes and accessories.

Dolls with wooden spoons

Crafts can also be made with cutlery for children. For example, you can decorate wooden spoons and turn them into dolls or puppets. For it We can use wool to make hair and felt or some kind of fabric to make them dresses.

In addition, buttons and ribbons can be used to complete the decoration. With the help of paint and brushes, the eyes, nose and mouth are made. Children will even love to participate in the making of these fun toys.

Lamps with cutlery

Hanging lamps with cutlery can also be made. Spoons, knives, forks and even kitchen utensils such as ladles, pallets or skimmers will be used. They are a great choice of crafts made with cutlery and will be spectacular.

A bracelet made with a fork

A forgotten fork in a drawer can become a beautiful bracelet; and if it’s silver, much better. Sometimes it will be necessary to get the help of a craftsman or a jeweler.

It will be necessary to heat the fork with a torch and give it the shape of a bracelet; The tips of the fork can also be deformed according to the taste of the person who will use it. It can be a beautiful gift.

By molding a fork we can make a beautiful bracelet. It’s a matter of letting ourselves be carried away by creativity.

Keychains with spoons

This attractive idea of ​​recycling will also need the help of a craftsman or someone who works with metals. To make this craft with cutlery it is necessary to cut the handle of the spoons and give them shape to flatten them.

Then, just stick a ring to put the keys. You can also add some texture with a punch, enter the name of who will use it or a nice message to give.

Alpaca spoons to identify the cabinets

Alpaca is a silver-like material that results from an alloy of zinc, nickel and copper. Many cutlery are made with it. It has the advantage of being very malleable, so it is ideal for making crafts.

Alpaca spoons can be used to make markers for cabinets. They bend or flatten at room temperature, so the task is not very difficult. Then it is enough to inscribe the names that we want to put as for example ‘bread’, ‘cereals’ or ‘sweets’ and fix them to the doors of the cupboards or to the drawers.

You can use the old alpaca cutlery to make some markers for the cabinets. You just have to mold them to your liking and fix them on the surface of the furniture.

Markers for gardening

Like the identifiers for cupboards, these markers for gardening can be easily done with spoons or alpaca knives. They resist very well to the elements and will be very useful to identify what is planted.

Marine mobile with cutlery

A mobile with marine figures made with cutlery definitely requires a little more work. But the result will be incredible. You can use spoons to make fish, removing the mango and giving them shape to make the tail.

You can also make a hole for the eye; the forks can be turned into octopus or squid thanks to the torch that will allow us to shape them.

Antique cutlery painted and framed

How many of us have grandma’s silver cutlery stored in a drawer. And we never use them. Well what better to turn them into beautiful paintings to decorate the walls of our house.

All you have to do is paint them white and put them in an old-style white frame too. The result will be surprising and very original, a beautiful craft made with cutlery.

As we have seen, with all these ideas we are going to recycle the old cutlery that we have at home. It only takes a little creativity and imagination.