The best Chinese restaurants (really) to celebrate the Chinese New Year in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Valencia or Seville

On February 1, 2022, the Chinese New Year is celebrated, its 4,720, and during this period we will be governed by the water tiger, which is synonymous with bonanza: it is considered the greatest beast in China, it scares away bad luck and represents the end of all evil, but also a stage in which we must be aligned with our values ​​so that rationality triumphs in the face of adversity. This tradition, like its horoscope, is becoming more deeply rooted in our country, so we have decided to celebrate it by visiting the best chinese restaurants (the real ones) from Spain.

The best ‘Chinese-Chinese’ in Madrid

Even if The Happy Buddha 1974 (Calle Tudescos, 4) is the oldest restaurant in Madrid, and in its renewed proposal (with an impressive and instagrammable place) the traditional recipes of ancient Chinese cuisine are mixed with avant-garde techniques and flavors, anyone in the capital knows that, to eat the best Chinese-Chinese food, you have to go to ‘Chinese from Usera’. Or, what is the same, to Royal Cantonese from Olvido Street, 92.

Also, classics like The King of Noodles (San Bernardino Street, 2), jin jin (a few meters away, at number 1 of the same street) or Buen Gusto (Paseo de Santa María de la Cabeza, 60), coexist in the capital with the new proposals of chinese crown (Don Ramon de la Cruz Street, 6), Le Petit Dim Sum (Galleries Canalejas, Calle Alcalá, 12), Zen Noodle Bar (on Jesus Street), Royal Mandarin (at the Gran Madrid Casino) or Asian Gallery (at the Westin Palace Hotel).

The best Chinese food in Barcelona

That Barcelona has one of the best gastronomic offers in our country is nothing new. But when it comes to trying traditional Chinese food in Barcelona, ​​we can’t help but go through Sichuan Pot (Plaça Dr. Letamendi, 11) and order their dumplings, their noodles that cross the bridge or the jellyfish salad. In addition, there are the spicy recipes of NaNit (carrer de Balmes, 79), the homemade noodles of Kai Xuan (carrer de Roger de Flor, 74) or the millenary delicacies renovated with avant-garde touches of the mythical Shanghai (Bisbe Sivilla, 48).

The best Chinese restaurants in Spain, from north to south

In Seville, we allow ourselves to be surprised by the exotic flavors of Qi Lin Ke (Marqués de Pickman Street, 66) and the Cantonese cuisine of chinese taste (Artesa Street, 23); at golden lion from Bilbao (Calle de Fernández del Campo, 8), with its dumplings and qingtian knuckle; and in Valencia, with House Ru, a bar that doesn’t look Instagrammable but with a chicken with chilli that makes you cry (in Carrer de Sueca, 65); or mey mey and the Cantonese haute cuisine of what is considered to be the first Chinese in the Turia capital (Calle Historiador Diago, 19).

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