The benefits of riding a bike go far beyond physical health

Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, as it prevents health problems, increases strength, increases energy, and can help reduce stress. However, to be fit, you don't have to do hard routines in the gym, and riding a bike is proof of that.

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There is no special requirement for pedaling, and it is an activity suitable for all types of people. But in addition to helping you stay in shape, when riding a bicycle you can share time with family or friends, while you get to know new places with a means of transport that is friendly to the environment.

As you can see, the benefits of riding a bike go far beyond physical health. Here we tell you everything you get when pedaling for a while:

1. It is good for your heart

Cycling reduces the risk of heart disease by up to 50% and increases our energy levels, thanks to increased oxygen consumption. Having a strong heart prevents one from developing cardiovascular diseases such as coronary arteries, hypertension, metabolic syndrome and arteriosclerosis.

Being active 20 minutes a day on a bike can increase our endurance level.

2. Take care of your mind

Cycling can be practiced wherever you want and the most important thing is that most of the time it is done outdoors, which can be very good to clear yourself. It helps your brain to lower cortisol levels by bringing stress under control and reducing anxiety.

It is a sport that does not require a lot of concentration, nor a strategy, so on the bike you can think, listen to music, you can disconnect from your surroundings.

3. boost your creativity

Riding a bicycle improves the performance of the human brain by helping to boost your creativity and problem solving ability. This activity increases the density of the white matter of the brain, the one in charge of the connections that the brain makes to carry out its daily functions.

4. Help you sleep better

Many of the people who lead a sedentary lifestyle have trouble falling asleep. Lack of sleep in many cases is caused by doing little exercise. For this same reason, cycling is a way to recover from sleep disorders.

For those who suffer from insomnia, good advice is to ride a bicycle for 30 minutes every other day. The time you take will be reduced by 50%.

5. It keeps you young


Healthy cells make the skin smoother and more radiant. They also reduce the risk of developing many skin conditions.

In addition, people who regularly cycle often enjoy a longer and healthier life than those who do not, as it helps in reducing dangerous conditions, such as obesity, diabetes and even cancer.

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Exercising is very important to lead a healthy life and it is also the most ecological way to move around the city and take care of the environment. In these times of pandemic, it is also a way to get around without having to resort to public transport, so it also helps us take care of ourselves.

And you, do you already choose the bicycle?