The beautiful sheepskin armchair from Primark Home that sweeps Instagram because it’s cute, cheap and looks like it’s from a luxury decoration store

Primark Home has not only become our flagship low cost deco store: his official Instagram account is a catalog of inspiration in which we not only find the most beautiful pieces of the Irish giant (like this wooden armchair that all the interior design stores have copied), they also show us the trends that are sweeping each season and give us great ideas to combine ideal furniture and decorations at real bargain prices. Until now, we thought that our great find of the season in the home section of Primark was their organic cotton sheets and bedding under 30 euros, but that was until we found this sheepskin chair that is sweeping because it is beautiful, very trendy and, in addition, very cheap.

Comfort has become a priority in our lives (from going to the office with sneakers to decorating our house with versatile and functional furniture that adapts to our day) and we have learned that comfort is not at odds with style or with the trends. So, warmth in our home is key when choosing not only the trends, but also the pieces that will become the protagonist of the spaces.

The Primark Home sheepskin chair that sweeps Instagram costs 90 euros.

This spring, the cottagecore aesthetic is the one that rules, with its commitment to wood, natural materials and country aesthetics, and for this reason, the star chair of Primark Home is being a bestseller: it is almost impossible to get it in the store because runs out over and over again meanwhile, we are still waiting for the low cost giant to open its e-commerce.

With rounded lines (another of the key interior design bets, with which spaces are also made to appear larger), an off-white sheepskin finish and a design that, in addition, fuses that cottage air with the vintage essence of the Mid-Century Modern style, Primark Home’s best-selling armchair has become the most desired on Instagram and the star of the most stylish homes. At its real bargain price (90 euros) it is added that it is very comfortable and that, in addition, it fits perfectly in almost any corner of our house: from the bedroom to the living room, passing through the dressing room or the hall.

Can we confirm that we have found the best bargain deco of the season? We confirm!

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