The Australian diet is not only healthier than the Mediterranean diet, but it will help you lose weight (without realizing it)

"What if the Mediterranean diet is the healthiest. No, sorry, now it's the Nordic diet. Although the Japanese diet also has its benefits" If you've ever heard this pointless tirade, repeatedly … raise your hand. We are with you. What concerns to types of food and very specifically, when we talk about diets according to geography, there is never a clear winner. Experts assure that the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest Since, in short, you base your food intake on eating a little of everything. Legumes, proteins, pasta, rice, fruit, vegetables … no deprivation until exhaustion (although in theory, goodbye to the buns) as long as we base the diet on balance. However, when we refer to the nutritional pyramid of Spain, something is limping. It is not the colors or the drawings of the food – which on some occasions also – but the division they present.


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Let's go back to school: How is this pyramid divided? At the bottom as a base we find the indications of a healthy life: drink water, exercise and stay active. Next, and according to the degree of physical activity, they propose carbohydrates such as bread, legumes, pasta and flours. Next, the fruits, vegetables and olive oil. On the fourth step, they divide the pyramid in two: the dairy group and the fish and eggs group. In penultimate place would be the meat and as the top, indicating a very moderate consumption, the ultra-processed ones such as candies. buns and butter. There are nutritionists who agree with this division, however, there are others who throw their hands at their heads as soon as they see it. As has happened to nutritional coach Álvaro Vargas in one of his latest posts on Instagram.

In the post, he compares the Spanish pyramid with that of Australia showing how the latter is healthier and more consistent. At the base and referring to 50% of their diet we find fruits and vegetables along with legumes. Next, whole grains and pasta, bread and integral carbohydrates are recommended, not like in Spain that until a few years ago refined flours appeared as a recommendation. The Australians warn of the moderation in the consumption of salt and sugar and forget the ultra-processed of the pyramid, while in our country they are recommended at the top occasionally. The third to last classification refers to eggs, fish, meat and dairy, while the top refers to healthy fats such as oil for seasoning or cooking.

If Carlos Ríos saw this comparison … we know that he would burst into tears. And is not for less. We continue to affirm that the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest:

-Good fats are consumed, such as extra virgin olive oil.

-It is anti-inflammatory.

-Helps to prevent heart disease and also promotes long-term weight loss.

-It is a very varied and complete diet.

But yes we look with a magnifying glass at the nutritional pyramid that is taught in schools, it is full of errors. The ultra-processed should disappear, the consumption of sugar and salt should be controlled and as in Australia (and as the nutritionists of FuturLife also advise) the main food intake should be based on fruits and vegetables.

If we talk about diet Spain is ahead, but if we talk about pyramids … we are the last of the class.

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