The alternative horoscope for the week of March 2 to 8

Since time immemorial, Humanity has consulted astrology-based predictions, numerology, power animals, tarot …, Even big decisions were taken after consulting the horoscope. The human being is today more owner than ever of his decisions, has countless sources of knowledge and information, and ancestral wisdom can be an element of added inspiration to guide our steps day by day.

Wolf week

The wolf is a spiritual master in the tradition of the Animals of Power, is a guide that helps people on their way. These people are more helped if they are discovering the spiritual universe or are in the process of becoming aware. The wolf informs us of the essential to affirm our identity, especially when it comes to family relationships.

Crescent full moon room

It means that we are in full expansion. The full moon is the representation of the Archetype of the Mother and abundance, with its ability to support all living beings. Trust fully in yourself and your ability to be and act.

Number 8

He talks about opening to universe, of the importance of uniting the material with the spiritual, thus facilitating us to advance in our life project.

Auspicious days

Saturday 7 and Sunday 8.

Monday, March 2

Moon in Gemini. Today some confusion can take over you, to the point of doubting your feelings. Emotion and mind can cloud your decisions. Hence your sensitivity may become changing … Even capricious.

The Arcanum of the Tarot is the 2 of swords. It invites you not to turn your back on your emotions. Open your eyes wide and watch your thoughts at a distance; Without judging you for what you discover. The wolf advises you to keep calm, still and without worrying excessively; there will be time to act.

The stone Moon It will help you as you can't imagine balancing your emotions.

Tuesday March 3

Moon in Gemini. Today you can develop your skills with a pragmatic attitude. Your receptivity will become somewhat curious, Nosy and very lucid. The Tarot card is the moon. Better not to get involved today, to keep something out of declared or latent conflicts. Take care, because your intrusion, or even simple curiosity can cause problems. The wolf invites you to develop your skills and unleash your potential.

Lapis Lazuli Stone It will help you strengthen those skills that you use only in part.

Wednesday, March 4

Moon in Gemini. Today you are hypersensitive, with your five senses boiling; That is why it is a great moment to open yourself to social life, talk and interact in any environment. The Tarot card is the 3 golds. It tells you that it's a good time to Enjoy good company intensely. The wolf is ready to help you glimpse new projects at all levels. Concentrate to remember the initiatives and not to fall in a broken bag.

Sandalwood Incense It is a harmonizer of relationships, particularly in social gatherings.

Thursday, March 5

Moon in Cancer. Today you will be fully aware of the strong ties that bind you to your home and family. Ask yourself: do they join you or tie you? It is very likely that you feel attracted or conditioned by the emotions of others, that you share with others as if it were you. Hypersensitivity The Tarot card is the 10 glasses It invites you to review your family relationships and you may discover to what extent they are attachments that you need to release. Reflect on this key situation in your current circumstance.

The wolf warns you that you must balance the attention to the family and the exercise of your personal freedom. Such a balance is not easy, But it is essential to feel satisfied. Rose quartz It will help you maintain harmony with your family environment.

Friday, March 6

Moon in Cancer. It is a "moved" day on all planes. The reason is that you have an accentuated sensuality, with mixed manifestations of sweetness and docility. You can also experience a tendency to laziness and to feel nostalgic for your childhood, recalling that stage with inexplicable realism. The tarot card is the 5 glasses Call your attention to an excess of nostalgia that does not suit you, while inviting you to live the present contemplating your past with enough distance. The wolf advises you not to hesitate to seek the support of others if you need it.

Cinnamon incense, helps you connect with the sweetest continent of your soul.

Saturday, March 7

Moon in Leo. You don't feel any impulse to look inside, you don't want dialogue with you. Today you want a clear message of respect, honey, even admiration for your person. Do not hesitate to let the person or people you need recognition know. The tarot card is the jackpot Navelism is out of place, it is not the day. Identify the people around you, give them their place and try to know them more deeply. The wolf can help you lead your professional environment or friends, provided you pay attention to listening and analyze in detail the views of others.

Citrine stone He will give you the energy you need.

Sunday March 8

Moon in Leo and Neptune in conjunction with the Sun. The contradictions will be present without confusing you: as long as you express an extreme taste for comfort or privileges, your idealism will harmonize you with the romantic sphere or spiritual worlds. The tarot card is the King of Gold You may have spending capacity, but the Tarot invites you to buy with moderation, analyzing in detail what you really need. The wolf wants to show you that spirituality is not at odds with the taste for material issues.

The stone topink cat It will help you shine and enjoy abundance in a broad sense.

Ritual of the week

Following the pattern of Kilyom-Akashic Shamanism, it is advisable to take a bath with the essence of roses throughout the week, designed to raise energy vibration, open your heart and release your fears