The alternative horoscope for the week of February 17-23

Since time immemorial, Humanity has consulted the predictions based on astrology, numerology, power animals, tarot …, even the big decisions were taken after consulting the Horoscope. The human being is today more owner than ever of his decisions, has countless sources of knowledge and information, and ancestral wisdom can be an element of inspiration added to guide our steps day by day.

Owl Week

According to him KilyOM-Akashic Shamanism and the Moon Astro we are in a week of introspection and reflection, of sometimes perceptible and sometimes invaluable internal changes. The owl, animal of Power, helps us with his wisdom to start the path from the confidence in ourselves. Nothing material will be missing if we find the true purpose of our life. The new moon is added to the owl, we will have the ability to see easily and thus examine lucidly any difficult situation that comes our way. There is no place for deception because we will see everything clearly. And so with ourselves: talk to each other without masks because nothing can be hidden from the eyes of the owl. Even if we wanted to, self-deception will not be possible. And, in case of doubt, let intuition take over.

Waning and new moon

We came in knowledge phase and sow new intentions to launch them the following week

Number 5

The number that governs us is 5, and invites us to change, to open paths, without look at the horizon.

Auspicious days

Saturday 22 and Sunday 23

Monday 17

The Tarot card is the 2 of clubs: Invitation to start a trip, you are empowered and can raise ideas of professional success. With the moon in sagittarius and jupiter in capricorn you will have the impulse to change and take a long trip. You will feel desire to idealize, to seek goodness. You are likely to start an adventure. Good time to make use of your personal power focused on acquiring greater social and economic status. Do not be confused with the dough.

Here the owl It will help you see everything clearly.

Stone for Today: Lapis Lazuli, will help you concentrate to undertake your projects.

Tuesday 18

The Tarot card is the sword horse. We are shown the dangers of impulsivity in our actions. Ergo, think before acting. Moon in conjunction with Mars: you will experience maximum vitality, with the risk of adopting reckless decisions. No wonder you appear anxiety and impatience. Your susceptibility may be in full bloom and your desire to fight can complicate your life.

The owl invites you to observe everything from a more objective point of view.

Stone for Today: Rose quartz, which will help you harmonize impulses and connect more with your emotions.

Wednesday 19

The Tarot card is the Emperor. The character invites you to keep your feet firm on Earth and seek stability in everything you do. Moon in capricorn and with a conjunction of jupiter with the moon: we must look for security and material stability in everything we do. All available sensitivity should be turned towards practical purposes. That social, jovial facet, which sometimes costs us to air, will manifest itself and open some door for us.

The owl it reminds you of active and passive that the material plane will not fail you, but you should focus your life project with meridian clarity.

Stone for Today: Red Jasper that helps to materialize and anchor projects.

Thursday 20th

The Tarot card is the jackpot: Without forgetting ourselves, it invites us to be at the service of others. Attention to our emotional states, let's analyze our momentum. Sun in pisces and there is conjunction of the moon with Saturn. An extraordinary sensitivity will appear to what we consider unfair, also to the suffering of others that will not be indifferent to us. Perhaps you should find an organization or initiative that channels your willingness to help. Today is the time to reconcile with your subconscious: lucid dreaming, premonitions, other lives … it is important that you let your emotions flow; Do not hold back. Without being a runaway creature, neither sharpen your sense of responsibility.

Here the owl Open our eye and help us choose who to help and how to do it.

Stone for Today: Selenite to stabilize emotions and strengthen us in the face of adversity.

Friday 21

The Tarot card is 3 gold. We must be open to listening, the owl will become more present in us so that we can listen carefully to different points of view. The moon is in Aquarius and will multiply our sensitivity To perceive our surroundings from different perspectives, we can see the polyhedral reality. All rigidity aside, adaptability will be rewarding.

The owl invites you to observation and active listening.

Stone for Today: Amethyst, which stimulates the power of your third eye, located between the eyebrows.

Saturday 22

The Tarot card is the world. The globality It's all for the one, feel one with humanity without losing our identity, our essence. Perceive that we are part of a whole and that everything affects us. With the moon in Aquarius you can feel maximum empathy towards Humanity, as if you were part of a large family.

The owl On this day it shows you where to nest.

Stone for Today: Cat's eye, to stimulate optimism.

Sunday 23

The Tarot card is Priestess: From his hierarchy he invites you to the gathering to recharge you with new knowledge and more wisdom. Moon in new phase and in Aquarius. Feeling of detachment towards your family, more tired than normal. Drowsiness. Emotionally more unstable. It is not a good time for achievements, we will have to postpone the completion of our projects. If there is no other choice, it will be necessary to sow because there is no other.

The owl It accompanies you to think about your future, be it work, emotional, or temporary without further ado. Your visions and premonitions they will be more than illusions, you must be very attentive and you will have the help of the power animal.

Stone for today: Moonstone that connects us with the powerful energy of the new moon.

Ritual of the week

The ritual will be performed on Sunday 23, coinciding with the new Moon. Let's write on a blank sheet our next wills, the purposes we intend to achieve, putting the maximum intention of achieving them in each word. With a burning white candle held in his hand he visualizes an owl above the flame. Before you will have placed a moonstone by your side; a drawing or image of an owl and a glass of water. Burn the paper you have written with your intentions and bury its ashes in a plant, visualizing that, in fact, the ashes are seeds that will bear fruit later. Let the candle burn.