The alternative horoscope for the week from February 24 to March 1

From time immemorial, Humanity has consulted the predictions based on astrology, numerology, power animals, tarot …, even the big decisions were taken after consulting the horoscope. The human being is today more owner than ever of his decisions, has countless sources of knowledge and information, and ancestral wisdom It can be an added element of inspiration to guide our steps day by day.

Dolphin Week

According the KylyOM-Akashic Shamanism the protagonist of the week is the light, and – therefore – wisdom. The dolphin is the animal of intelligence, the animal of power that will free you from turbulent thoughts and negative emotions: the dolphin is the determinant to get out of the difficult situations that may arise during the week.

Crescent moon

Growth will be present in your life from the first day of the week. The moon, which is starting to grow, drives the seed we have planted weeks ago, in the middle of winter. We live the transition from darkness to the first lights, everything emerges, everything grows to the rhythm of the moon.

Number 7

It represents the best possible help to enter into our spiritual and consciousness work.

Auspicious days

Monday 24; Saturday 29 and Sunday 1.

Monday, February 24

The tarot card is the major arcana. Today is “The Priestess”, which invites you to take refuge inside and enjoy the good things, preferably alone. The moon in pisces invites you to take refuge in immaterial tasks, such as poetry or music. Fantasy will assail you, and you must let it recreate. You may channel premonitions, revealing dreams, fruit of extreme sensitivity.

The dolphin comes to dramatize your decisions, show you that you can work from satisfaction and enjoyment, that nothing forces you to fustigarte.

Stone for today: amethyst, created to awaken the media capabilities, calm emotions and strengthen intuition.

Tuesday, February 25

The tarot card is the seven of cups: invites you to stop a little, breathe, meditate, reflect, do not take action. Moon in pisces, today you can experience some difficulty to distinguish your own emotions from those of others. You will have a great capacity to absorb the emotions of others. You will feel like sharing your anguish, apprehension and fear. Today you need to feel strong support from others.

The dolphin It helps you understand, meditate and connect in a balanced way with your emotions.

Stone for today: you can carry on a black tourmaline to put distance from emotions, that yours do not affect others and that others do not condition you.

Wednesday, February 26

The tarot card is the jack of spades: invitation to be realistic, to put both feet on the ground and rest any decision. Luna is aries, identifies the momentum and the burning imposing itself to the calm, the sweetness or the tenderness. You may not realistically assess the impact of your actions, or their immediate consequences.

Today the dolphin will be a great help for navigate rough waters without worrying, giving you the power to keep calm.

Stone for today: blue calcite, which reduces anxiety, calms you and conducts your energy to reach harmonious thoughts and good vibrations.

Thursday, February 27

The tarot card is five of spades: serious mistake engage in discussions when it would be possible to adopt the observer position. Moon in aries and venus in conjunction with the moon indicate a sensitivity to the skin. Possibility of temperamental explosions that impede your receptivity. It could also be a good opportunity to get the best out of you, your most assertive or kind side.

The dolphin invites you to hug your emotional states instead of navigating against the current.

Candles for today: Light a candle Green will help you heal and transform everything you wake up today.

Friday, February 28

The tarot card is the sword horse: You need to watch your impulsivity, "think before acting". Moon in aries and in conjunction with uranus means a tendency to abrupt behavior, but also indifference towards others. The trend favors a state of intense irritability… impatience, which will reduce space for live favorable experiences.

The dolphin puts at your disposal his power To offer you the calm you need.

Incense for today: lavender, which will help to placate your impulses, not always positive.

Saturday, February 29

The tarot card is the nine of cups: Invitation not to interfere with the decisions of others, that each individual is manifested. Moon in Taurus, which means search for stability and material security. Today you must attend to everything that give you emotional peace of mind. You will be predisposed to experience extreme sensitivity towards others, just contemplate them without interfering.

With your power animal, the dolphin, you will have all the intelligence you need to decipher the keys of the day.

Incense for today: jasmine, to help you in the connection of the moon in taurus that gives us stability.

Sunday March 1

The tarot card is the jack of golds. Invitation to enjoy your hobbies and particularly some that makes time you want But you don't have time to perform. The moon in Taurus translates into a irresistible attraction to beauty, particularly the music. Your more traditional drift will be imposed, your conservative feelings and the cult of the Earth, which appears before you as an unplayable priority.

The dolphin will use his power to guide you, so that creativity and art feed your soul positively

Incense for today: myrrh, whose power you raise to connect With the divinity of your soul.

Ritual of the week

Daily, this week the water and salt bath ritual is recommended, insufflating your entire energetic body, gradually decreasing and emotional stress day by day. March 1 will culminate the maximum relaxation that will reinforce your vibration for the following week.