The advice that your grandparents gave you: which should be followed and which not

You've always heard that "The devil knows more by old than by devil"But, why? The truth is that the experience provides more knowledge and wisdom than cunning or intelligence inherent in a person.

While these last two qualities are of immense value, acquiring information and moments lived over time allows a new dimension, a higher density and profit. So you should listen to our greater? They are ours grandparents The greatest source of experience? Surely in almost all cases, yes.

Many enjoy the advice from our longest-lived relatives for obvious reasons. Not only because they want the best for us but because over the years they have learned from everyday situations, although not all occasions are right. How know the difference? Several experts have analyzed some of them about money, relationships and life and have discovered which we must ignore and which ones to follow.

To follow

Do things with joy and enthusiasm. Older people often miss their most active times, so it is common for them to recommend to young people about work and activity in general. Though economic consideration is important, the most experienced assure that over time, they are valued other details of the profession As learned, the great or difficult moments lived in their respective professionals or the people they met thanks to their jobs. That's why grandparents usually remind us that we don't value salary so much of a job

Always laugh a little more. Letting out some laughs is the best medicine For stress and pain. It can quickly improve your mood, as well as increase intimacy, happiness and understanding, helping you to interact with others. In fact, a study by the University of Kansas validates the data that grandparents often mention: Couples who laugh together, stay together. "In my opinion, the purpose of life is have fun", it states Mike Goldstein, coach to 'Reader's Digest'. "If you can find time to do that with your better half, you are heading in the right direction," he adds.

The idea that the strengths of one compensate for the weaknesses of the other sounds good, but it is better to have similar ideas for the most relevant issues.

And that advice is not only for love. Incorporate it whenever possible into your daily life trying to have humor even in difficult situations. You can Make a Difference Between a good and a bad day for you and for those around you.

Value the environment. Although we are now realizing how important the planet and nature are, they have always taken it into account. Over the years and busy lives we forget how important it is Preserve where we live. Grandparents always remind us that we respect, take care and have a good relationship with the natural environment.

Save a little every day. It seems to be fairly common advice, but if you think we will have pensions tomorrow when we retire, you are wrong. The system will not hold so many years, so go a few euros away every day. But not only that. If you live a day you will never have anything reserved for any unforeseen event.

It may seem impossible save even a little but really you need to make a plan. After all, you never know when it will leak at home, if your car will break down, if a tooth will break or if your company will reduce its size.

What should you forget

Always nod and agree. That "better not to argue" no longer makes sense in the world we live in. Not expressing your opinion for fear of what they will say or for the consequences it will have is not a solution. Nothing happens if later you are wrong and you must ask for forgiveness, but better to keep your feelings. It is valid for work or for a relationship, the thing is to discover how to do things well and that they work.

Set aside the small friction and value what things really matter. Discuss alone, and in a mature way, which really are serious matters. Don't shout and be as productive as possible concentrating where the conflict really is.

Grandparents always remind us that we respect, care for and have a good relationship with the environment to live better

Opposites attract. The idea that the strengths of one compensate for the weaknesses of the other sounds good at first, but according to John and Julie Gottman, founders of the Gottam Institute (do research on relationships between people), this belief is not real. "We can be opposed on issues of little relevance, but when it comes to economic things or discipline with children it is better to be similar," they say.

"When two people are at the extremes of a problem, they can end up arguing to convince the other. This could have been avoided if they chose someone who was more aligned with their own belief systems, "they add.

Marry someone with money. It is clearly one of the worst tips a grandfather can give you. You must do it, in the case that you really believe in marriage, with a person you love and respect. Forget where it comes from or if you have many zeros in the bank, the important thing are the feelings towards the other. What else give their origins?

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