The advantages that natural lighting has for you

Although it is there during the day, we are not always aware of the advantages and benefits that natural lighting offers us. We forget that Without that light that comes directly from the sun's rays, life would not exist on the planet. That is why we want to tell you how it influences your well-being and how you can take better advantage of it.

Before we remember that natural light has marked human existence in various ways. He has been a co-star in great conquests. In ancient times it was used as a compass to guide ships on the high seas. Today we know that there are several benefits for health and that it makes people happier.

Synthesis of vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for the proper functioning of the body. It is responsible for helping the body absorb calcium and develop a strong bone system. It also influences the nervous, muscular and immune systems. It is obtained through the skin and some foods.

Without this vitamin, the risk of osteoporosis and fractures increases. Studies indicate that it could also influence diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure and autoimmune diseases.

Taking into account that inappropriate and direct sun exposure can result in skin lesions, it is very beneficial to capture sunlight in internal spaces like home, work, and schools.

Natural light supports the production of active vitamin D, which affects bone health.

Synchronize the circadian rhythm

All living things operate by a synchronized biological clock in different ways, depending on their species. Thus the biochemical functions of organisms, such as behavior and sleep, are controlled. This is known as circadian rhythm.

In human beings, as in many other animals, sunlight is responsible for keeping this clock synchronized. According to research, for this to happen we must expose ourselves to intensities greater than 1000 lux of luminosity.

Improve rest

Taking into account that the circadian rhythm is also associated with the essential rest processes for health, adequate exposure to natural lighting will improve rest and sleep. This was demonstrated by a study in which office workers were interviewed.

Less depression with natural lighting

Studies have shown that natural lighting, especially in the morning, contributes to reducing the symptoms of this mental illness. This is because exposure to sunlight stimulates the production of serotonin, the neurotransmitter that helps control emotions and mood.

It has also been found to improve seasonal affective disorder, the origin of which is the negative feeling associated with dark winter days. Another study revealed that the impact on the management of mental illness is such that patients with bipolarity tend to recover faster if they receive treatment in rooms illuminated by the sun in the morning hours.

Better visual health

Research that aims to establish the origin of myopia, a visual disorder that affects 60% of young people in Spain, have found that the lack of exposure to sunlight could influence. They have been based on visual health behavior in the past, when it was common for children to spend more time outdoors.

It has been established that this protective effect can occur as long as exposure to natural light is between 10 and 14 hours per week. Of course, it is necessary to take precautionary measures to avoid damage.

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Higher and better cognitive performance

Some tests performed on animals have determined that natural light improves cognitive functions. The specimens that were exposed to 1000 lux for a whole day had larger hippocampi, which improved their performance.

On the other hand, it was determined that children who receive classes in classrooms with large windows and natural lighting have higher performance compared to children whose classrooms are dark. In addition, it has been identified that exposure to natural lighting also influences the prevention of neurodegenerative diseases.

Taking into account that not all spaces can be illuminated naturally, the impact of blue spectrum light was studied, finding that performance increases with it.

Tips to get better natural lighting at home

As we mentioned, it is not always possible to inhabit spaces where natural lighting is optimal or sufficient. For this reason, here are some tips that you can apply at home to take advantage of the sunlight.

Place mirrors on the walls

First identify the windows or places where natural light enters. Then think strategically and position the mirrors so that they bounce this light into the darkest spaces. For this to work you must place a good size, preferably from floor to ceiling.

Although they are not entirely mirrors, remember that glass and metal utensils also help with this goal.

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Assertively choose the color of the paint on the walls

On the market you will find a series of reflective colors that can help you optimize natural light. Among them is white and light pastels. In this way you can give a touch of personalization to your home and obtain the benefits of natural lighting.

You can also complement the decor with light colored floors or rugs.

You can adapt the home to carry out activities with natural lighting inside the house.

Avoid curtains

The curtains are another decoration tool that provides us privacy and, at night, they help to adapt the space to sleep. But nevertheless, can block the passage of sunlight and dull spaces during the day.

It is recommended that we avoid heavy curtains in those spaces through which natural light enters. Prefer blinds that can facilitate the passage of light and that at night provide sufficient coverage for you to rest.

Enjoy natural lighting

You already know the benefits of natural lighting for your physical and emotional health. So try to find spaces during the day or week to go for a walk, exercise, and responsibly enjoy the sun.

When your occupations do not allow you to do this, keep the blinds up, locate your workplace and study near the windows. In extreme cases, you can supplement the diet with foods rich in vitamin D or with supplements that strengthen the body, always under professional recommendation and prescription.