The 9 best treatments for the eye contour

Softening, clearing and smoothing the effect of aging around the eyes is possible with simple aesthetic procedures. Learn about the latest techniques.

Last update: 27 March, 2022

The eye contour reveals clues about age that can be covered with some treatments. Being of such delicate skin, lymphatic circulation is slow and the area is more sensitive to the stagnation of blood and interstitial fluids, predisposing to the appearance of dark circles, bags and expression lines.

The entire dermis surrounding the eyes is known as periocular region. Over time, this skin loses thickness, due to the decrease in collagen and elastic fibers.

Fortunately, there are facials that refresh the look. To know which method is convenient in each case, it is necessary to know the common conditions.

Main problems around the eyes

The good condition of the skin of the skin depends on the diet, the use of cosmetics according to its condition and the time you dedicate to facial care. Failing at such points leads to the following disorders:

  • Soft spot: lines around the eyes are associated with photoaging, not just age, as the Skin Cancer Foundation explains. The institution alleges the need to protect yourself from the sun to prevent inflammation and loss of elasticity.
  • Bags: when the folds lose extensibility, they relax and retain local water, dimming the gaze.
  • Eye bags: They are a consequence of the stagnation of liquids and blood due to the deceleration of the venous and lymphatic microcirculation. The shading effect is the product of oxidized melanin and hemoglobin.
  • wrinkles: the muscles of the eye area are responsible for facial expressions, but accentuated and constant movements trigger the Crow’s feet and pleats.

Eye contour treatments

Worries and stress are reflected in facial aging, in addition to the traces that mark the passing of the years. Regarding the subject, the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology adds that superficial skin changes can have negative repercussions in quality of life.

If you opt for a facial procedure, even if it is minimally invasive, it is important to verify that it is carried out by a certified professional and in facilities approved by health agencies. Here are some treatments for the eye contour.

Dark circles, bags and expression lines denote the passage of time on the skin around the eyes.

1. Carboxytherapy

A way to oxygenate and revitalize the tissues of the periocular region is carboxytherapy. this treatment It is ideal for dark circles under the eyes, injected with medicinal carbon dioxide.

The result is the stimulation of the cells that create collagen and the drainage of toxins. The execution is simple and fast recovery.

two. Ultherapy

If it is about rejuvenating the look, then the alternative is called ultherapy. Deep tissues are heated with microfocused ultrasound energy of the eye contour. As thermoregulation occurs, repair begins.

Apart from the tightening capacity, the procedure raises the eyebrows and changes the appearance of a tired look. The results extend up to a year.

3. Tension threads

Thread lifters are used by plastic surgeons to eliminate flaccidity in the cheekbones and dark circles. They are internal support sutures, introduced in the temporal area, so that they are hidden behind the hair.

The intervention seeks in effect lifting. To do this, it requires cones that pull the tissue, relocate the eyebrows and lift the cheekbones. At 12 months, when the effect wears off, you can tighten again.

4. Radiofrequency BeOxy

To reduce wrinkles and dark circles, try the patches BeOxy with radiofrequency. The technique begins with cleaning the area and the supply of a serum, to then connect the equipment and apply the patches. Finally, the beautician spreads a contour antiage

The tightening effect is instant. It also hydrates, activates collagen fibers, benefits circulation, oxygenates and promotes the formation of glucosamine that increases the thickness of the skin.

5. Eye Beautification

This technique blurs the Crow’s feet on the upper and lower eyelids. It also works to relieve puffiness under the eyes. and work hyperpigmentation.

It consists of combining a peel, carboxytherapy and a vitamin cocktail. In that order, exfoliation with acids is supplied to the contour to work on anti-aging.

This is followed by microinjections of carbon dioxide. Finally, vitamins, amino acids and minerals are injected to tighten, hydrate, thicken and stimulate collagen production.

6. Botulinum toxin

popularly called botox, It is one of the most frequent cosmetic treatments to smooth the face. The function of botulinum toxin is to make wrinkles invisible.

With moderate injections, you improve the appearance of the eye contour. It is a minimally painful procedure and can be done in a few minutes. Results last up to 6 months.

Botox is injected superficially so that the toxin acts in the area.

7. Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is in fashion for its benefits for the skin. Although this substance is produced in the body itself, you can currently find it in creams, serums and ampoules.

In addition to its moisturizing power, is associated with the generation of collagen and elastin, as well as the filling of furrows on the face. For dark circles it is perfect.

8. Blepharoplasty

Blepharoplasty is a surgical intervention in which the bags are removed that form under the eyes. Then an injection of fat from the same patient is applied. Unlike other treatments, its effects last for several years.

9. Relaxation exercises for the eye area

As part of the routine to take care of the periocular contour, spend a few minutes stimulating circulation with relaxing exercises. Mimic the shape of glasses around the eyes with your index finger and thumb. Gradually stretch the skin up and down.

You can also blink 15 times, while putting up some resistance with your fingers. An additional alternative is to close your eyes and gently tap the skin with your fingertips.

How to improve the effectiveness of eye contour treatments?

The results of the treatments they lengthen if you use moisturizing cream, drink plenty of watersleep at least 8 hours and eat healthy.

It also favors not smoking, using filtered sunglasses and natural remedies such as chamomile. The Medical Journal of the University of Costa Rica reports that the topical use of this plant tends to reduce inflammation in the periocular area.

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