The 8 healthy foods that are trending this 2021

In recent times there have been numerous obstacles to comprehensive health, which has encouraged each person to seek a way to maintain balance. This objective is achievable from the diet, so we show you the 8 healthy foods of this 2021.

Last update: June 16, 2021

There are 8 healthy foods that are trending this 2021 because they adapt to immune, energy and digestive requirements of an important sector of the population. In this sense, the priorities have been modified, seeking a balance between gastronomic enjoyment and health enhancement.

It seems that an awakening is being experienced healthy. Read on to find out what foods are in vogue!

Healthy foods that are trending

According to what has been commented worldwide on food, and considering that there is an irrepressible desire during 2021 to leave harmful customs behind, We have carefully selected the 8 healthy foods that are trending. Discover them!

1. Fermented foods

In this type of food there is an important subdivision, between those that are consumed with live microbes and those that are not. In short, we refer to the first category and we emphasize yogurt, kefir (Bulgarian yogurt) and raw sauerkraut.

The popularity of fermented foods stems from the good gut health they promote. Some of the main benefits that enhance them are the following:

  • They improve the quality of the intestinal flora (microbiota).
  • They reduce the inflammatory response.
  • They neutralize anti-nutrients.
  • They stabilize the digestion process.
  • Increase bioavailability.
Fermented ones, such as yogurt, stimulate the intestinal microbiota, strengthening its functions.

2. Blueberries

Blueberries make our list of healthy foods that are trending for their contributions to heart health. In addition to this, the small berries have other properties that make them a great choice.

Here are some of its advantages:

  • They reduce the risk of urine infections.
  • They protect the vision.
  • They prevent premature aging due to its antioxidants.
  • Improve cognitive response.

3. Ginger

Ginger appears as a response to improve the reaction of the immune system. Undoubtedly, the improvement of defenses has been one of the most sought after aspects during the current year.

Also, the adaptability of the root (also known as kion) to all kinds of recipes makes it easy to implement. In addition to the aforementioned central contribution, it is favorable for improving digestion and reducing the feeling of nausea.

4. Chocolate

Stress has been a common denominator of the inhabitants in any corner of the planet. Hence, chocolate takes center stage among the healthy foods that are trending. But how exactly does it help? Well, in reducing anxiety.

The action of its antioxidants takes place on catecholamines. These are hormones linked to fight and flight reactions. Together, cortisol levels are lowered. Knowing this, the recommended amount of dark chocolate per day should not exceed 40 grams.

5. Vegetable meat

There has been a substantial increase in the number of vegetarians and vegans around the world. Therefore, respect for the life of animals is changing the eating style, giving value to vegetable meat.

Much of the upward acceptance curve is due to the enormous similarities with the organoleptic properties of meat. Vegetable meat has the following healthy aspects:

  • Absence of trans fats.
  • Minimize bad cholesterol or LDL.
  • Avoid constipation.
  • Has good amount of calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc.

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6. Avocado

The charms of the avocado were used regularly in America. However, during 2021 the wave fitness has made healthy recipes more attractive. Therefore, its classification as superfood it has transcended borders.

What is special about avocado? We show you its most important benefits in the next list:

  • Helps regulate blood pressure.
  • Protect vision by means of lutein and zeaxanthin.
  • Provides reduced amounts of sugars.
  • Low concentration of monounsaturated fats.
  • Helps to satisfy the appetite.

7. Jackfruit

The participation of exotic alternatives could not be absent. Consequently, a rebound in differential options is projected, such as the jackfruit, the jackfruit, the nanca or the nanjea.

It is a huge fruit that comes from Indonesia and it has a sweet, smooth and acid flavor. Some define it as the fusion of mango and orange. It also has phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, and protein.

Exotic fruits have found their place in markets that were previously inaccessible. This happened with the jackfruit.

8. Salmon

At this point, there are very few high performance athletes who do not include salmon in their diet; something that also happens with all kinds of stars and celebrities. The reasons for this to happen begin with the fact that fish with less saturated fat and higher proportion of omega 3 fatty acids.

Each of its components means that, when ingested, the health of the heart is improved and blood circulation is optimized.

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Trendy healthy foods are at your fingertips

The list of healthy foods that are trending is constantly evolving, marking a line towards options low in sugars, devoid of excessive additives and with a lower proportion of fat. We are clearly facing a revolution in habits that seek to improve health.

On the other hand, sustainability, the origin of food and the food safety that they can promote in a generic nature are characteristics evaluated now more than ever. Health is in!