The 8 essential keys to having the brain in shape

As you well know, the brain is the center of operations of the complex machine that is the human body. Of course, everything has to be in harmony for us to be healthy, but having the brain in optimal conditions is essential.

Catalina Hoffmann, founder Vitalia and creator of the Hoffmann Method, a neurological treatment for older adults, has prepared a list of the essential keys to keep the brain healthy throughout life.

As he explains, this healthy "diet" should consist of:

1. Rest well

Nothing hurts the brain more than sleeping badly. The moment of sleep is, precisely, the one he uses to fix the knowledge acquired during the day, in which he processes everything that has happened during the vigil, and in which he prepares for the next day. Sleep consolidates memory and helps us to have the clearest ideas. Therefore, you should never think that the time spent sleeping is wasted time, on the contrary: it is health time for your brain.

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2. Do nothing

Nor is it about not doing anything throughout the day, but spending moments of your time without any particular occupation gives your brain space for thoughts to flow wherever they want, and that serves to establish new neural connections.

Surely you once had a wonderful idea in the shower, right? The reason is that: as your brain does not take too much effort to take a shower, and there is no television or social networks, it just starts working freely and new things appear.

That is why it is important to understand this: to do nothing is not to watch Netflix or Twitter, but simply to let your brain flow free of stimuli.

3. Exercise

Exercise is key to keeping the brain active. Exercising daily activates your circulation and helps the brain to oxygenate, in addition to releasing hormones that keep us more attentive and relaxed. With 30 minutes a day is enough.

4. Give space to the game

We all know that children do well to play. It helps them develop many capacities, such as imagination, understanding of the rules, socialization, etc. But maybe you are not aware that playing is also good for adults. It fills us with stimuli, develops our creativity, concentration, among many other skills. From a puzzle to a game with friends, everything goes!

5. Take care of overprocessed foods

Hyperprocessed foods are not only bad for the figure, they also harm our brain. They slow down and generally do not provide the necessary nutrients for their abilities to develop.

So think about starting a healthier diet. These two are an excellent option for a fit brain.

6. Connect with others

Being with other people is medicine for the brain. After all, we are social animals. Building healthy relationships is a real pleasure for our brain, and helps you stay healthy and young.

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7. Meditate

Meditation is a powerful tool to keep the brain calm and fit. In fact, there is numerous evidence that meditation improves brain health. Not only that, it also helps us feel less pain and helps control daily stress. Therefore, you should not underestimate its benefits.

8. Focus on goals

The brain is, after all, a muscle. And as such, nothing better to have it healthy and efficient than to train it. A great way to do it is to set goals. It is not necessary to be very ambitious in this, it is enough with a small objective to fulfill every day. It's about forming little habits.

It's amazing to see everything you can achieve with your brain when you train enough.

And you, what do you do to keep your brain fit?

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