The 7 best foods to fight viruses and bacteria

Besides being popular and accessible, these superfoods contain large amounts of nutrients that help protect our immune system. They are sources of vitamins that are essential to stay healthy and avoid, among other ailments, colds and flu. Below, we share with you a list of foods that are easy to find and will bring many benefits to your health.

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1. tea

This popular drink is very good for the body, according to Harvard University. A study found that drinking five cups of black tea a day strengthens the immune system. They found that the infusion quadrupled defenses in a two-week period. Care must be taken not to ingest it around meal times, as it can inhibit iron absorption.

2. garlic

Raw garlic is a powerful antimicrobial because it contains allicin. A study by the Jiangsu Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention in China revealed something critical to saving lives.

Experts observed that those who ate raw garlic at least twice a week, had a 44% lower risk of developing lung cancer. This food also helps prevent brain tumor.

3. sweet potato (sweet potato or sweet potato)

Sweet potatoes contain beta carotenes and vitamin A which, combined with zinc, can fight the flu. Also, Helps neutralize harmful toxins. Other sources of beta carotene are carrots and squash.

4. yogurt

> Consuming it frequently helps us protect the immune system. We suggest you make your own yogurt based on vegetable milk and mix it with fruits or cereals. It's delicious and free from animal suffering!

5. mushrooms

They contain a high content of selenium and vitamin D, essential nutrient to prevent diseases. Lack of exposure to sunlight prevents the skin from generating this vitamin. Therefore, in addition to taking this point into account, it is recommended to incorporate foods that contain it in their composition.

6. strawberries

In addition> strawberries contain vitamin C, key to increase our defenses. It is advisable to ingest them frequently to prevent colds and flu.

7. chocolate

Flavonoids, present in dark chocolate, can improve the health of the good bacteria and viruses that live in our digestive systems. So, this food protects us from flu-causing pathogens and inflammatory disorders.

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Now that you know them, you can incorporate them into your breakfasts and lunches, thus obtaining a great variety of benefits. By combining a balanced, nutrient-rich diet with regular exercise, you will stay strong and feel better.

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