The 7 best exercises for your health if you are over 40 years old

The middle Ages The population of our country exceeded 43 years last year for the first time, according to INE data. Specifically, if we talk about mens, the average age is at 41.8 years. In the case of women, in 44.4. Given these data, probably many Spaniards are interested in reading the following lines.

And, although your life may not change dramatically when you turn 40, your body and your health could do it. It is normal that over the years the bones and muscles may weaken, so it is interesting that you adopt new exercise habits now that you are a 'forties' (better avoid the word 'forties' because of the negative connotation). To help you keep fit and avoid injuries and diseases, below we explain a series of activities that you must do if you want to be as if you were 20.


If you are over 40 years old and do not exercise cardiovascular training often, you should not start doing it suddenly, as you could overload your heart. That is why Nikola Djordjevic, family doctor recommends in 'Best Life' to run smoothly, also called jogging.

Keeping your muscles flexible should be one of your main goals when you turn 40 and exercises like yoga can help you.

This exercise "strengthen your whole body and it helps to keep it in good shape without risks of heart problems. "The doctor says you should" make sure you have adequate shoes with a soft sole to reduce stress on your joints. "

Walk fast

"A good alternative to running is walk fast"he points out. Lina Velikova, doctor Immunology expert, also recommends this form of exercise because "it helps cardiovascular health and is also beneficial for mental health."

"It's a low intensity workout that anyone can do daily. If you do it around 150 minutes per week is enough to keep your heart in shape, "adds the specialist.


According to Djordjevic, "keep the flexible muscles It should be one of your main goals once you turn 40. "And how can you do it? The specialist recommends doing yoga, tai chi or pilates, since all these exercises" make your muscles work while helping them to stretch and, for therefore, to keep fit. "


If you want to work your abs from 40 without putting your health at risk, the chiropractor Allen Conrad recommends "crossing arms on the chest while doing abs, so you can avoid moving your neck while exercising. "

Swimming is an excellent exercise that will benefit your cardiovascular health, your muscles and your joints

Similarly, the knee flexion, which occurs when you do a repetition, allows a shorter movement that "exerts Less pressure on the lumbar spinal curve than the squats. "


From the verb to swim, not that you sit on the sofa waiting for your body to become young as if you had taken the elixir of eternal youth. Especially in summer, make sure you take advantage of the pool. Velikova notes that swimming is "an excellent exercise that will benefit your cardiovascular health, your muscles and your joints. "The best part? It is not dangerous for any of the mentioned parts of the body.

Exercise your heels

Yes, this is how you read it. Although it may sound strange to exercise your heels (raise and lower them) it is one of the best exercises for people over 40 in regards to their health. "This exercise addresses the weakness, the Balance, the range of motion and the foot and ankle coordination", Explain Jenna Kantor, director of a physical therapy clinic in New York.


"Contrary to what some believe, impact exercises help strengthen bones instead of damaging them, "he emphasizes Alex Tauberg, chiropractor. "Examples of these exercises include weightlifting, skipping rope and even crossFit," he says. In addition, a 2014 study by the Georgia Institute of Technology found that weightlifting can improve long-term memory.

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