The 5×5 workouts that helped this man lose 90 kilos

Eric Clarke He is 33 years old and works in a state park in Virginia. His life is happy and full, but until very recently it was not like that at all. Since high school was the big boy of your class, and this does not improved in college, with many parties, drinks and excesses. A trajectory that continued until he turned 30, when he came to weigh (in the worst moments) 187 kg..

"I was not happy," he admits to the men's magazine 'Men's Health'. "The weight, of course, was part of the problem, but he wasn't the only one. He was a lonely guy, and having self-esteem on the floors aggravated the setback. He continually pondered why he did that to me, how could he ask a future and hypothetical couple to take care of myself if not even I was able to do it? " healthier lifestyle To improve your condition.

Changing skin

First, his relationship with food must change. After talking with his friends and a doctor, he decided on the keto diet: it is that plan that is based on the intake of foods rich in protein and fat and the restriction of carbohydrates and sugars with the goal of generating a "ketosis" situation – Excess ketones in the blood – similar to fasting. He discovered that there were foods he could enjoy and that this was a weekly plan that he could follow, with low-carb protein shakes that he enjoyed after the walks he started practicing during the week.

In the first month, Eric lost 11 kilos, which helped him stay motivated. He lost three in the following month, and established that those would be approximately the ones he would gradually lose. But nevertheless, did not feel healthier and made sure he still had a long way to go. After a year in which I continued to follow that line, started going to the gym, but it was the first time he signed up and he was a little lost.

He started the keto diet, then went on to intermittent fasting and a different muscle works every day of the week

It was a friend who contributed the solution: the five-by-five training. If you've never heard of them, they might get your attention: it's about working a different muscle group every day. On Mondays it is a chest, on Tuesdays it is up to triceps and biceps, shoulders on Wednesdays, on Thursdays it rests and at the end of the week it gets on legs. Actually, this routine (which is based on a basic strength training, as you have seen) has a series of basic exercises: squat, bench press (strength in bench with bar), deadlift, rowing with bar and power clean (raise the bar with the force of the whole body and place it on the front of the shoulders, doing a squat), with at least one day of rest, but Clarke decided to do what he thought would suit him best.

This is one of the most basic methods if you are 'first time' in the gym, and that's why it went so well. Although you may not have heard it until now, the truth is that this system began to gain popularity there in the 30s of the last century thanks to Mark H. Berry, lifter and later national coach of the United States team. The methodology appears in his book 'Physical Training Simplified '.

As for Clarke, he left the keto and committed to the intermittent fasting, limiting your food to a window of eight hours during the day. To date it has lost a total of 86 kilos (He is currently in the 100s), although he wants to reach 90. "By losing so much weight I have a lot of flabby skin, so my next goal is to deal with it," he says. His friends and family supported him from the beginning, and some of them joined him on his walks.

"Now I have much more energy, I can wear clothes that didn't fit before and I have restored my confidence. Of course, "he says," my advice is not to try to imitate me. Every body is different and what you should do if you really want to lose weight is to follow a diet that you think you can maintain. That your goals are small at the beginning, and when you achieve them you can choose some larger ones that seem easy to achieve. All this will help you maintain the willpower"he concludes.