The 5 viral decoration tricks that sweep Primark Home’s Instagram and you’ll want to copy for very little

We do not hide: we are totally hooked on Primark Home Instagram. In his feed (with more than 1.5 million followers) we find unbeatable bargains, irresistible deco trends and the best inspiration for a magazine house at low cost prices. For this reason, today we have reviewed their latest publications to record the best deco tricks to transform our living room this season for very little.

When in doubt, all white

White is an almost magical color in decoration because it provides cleanliness, serenity and, in addition, it is capable of visually expanding spaces. At Primark Home they know it and they share it, with its thousand and one nuances, in the chromatic protagonist of many of its proposals, from the living room to the bedroom. Minimalist spaces and white cotton sheets (for 20 euros), what can go wrong with this combination?

Don’t give up opulence

Although we all wish we could live in the most expensive mansion in the US, the reality is that we do it in a small apartment (very well used). That does not mean that we have to give up opulence, even in a low cost version. Velvets, glitter, gold, a dose of baroque… White and minimalism, in general, are very good, but if we have learned anything about decoration at Primark Home, it is to create luxurious corners in our home, it is fashionable, and we are not going to give it up to it if we can buy the decorations for less than 3 euros.

The decorations make the difference

And speaking of decorations, these little details (be it a vase, a painting, a tray, a photo frame, some candles…) are what make the difference and turn a house into your home. They provide warmth and a cozy touch, endow the room with personality and make it unique. They must be in tune with spaces, but they are also our best opportunity to join the trends without risking too much.

We never have enough cushions and blankets

And if the decorations are key to creating a home environment, you know that here we are fans of textiles and their ability to transform spaces for very little money. Mix cushions, textures and colours, play with curtains and rugs, dare with patterns and always have a blanket on hand for those winter sofa and movie plans.

plants everywhere

Last but not least, they are the plants, which bring freshness, light and warmth to the different environments of your home and, in addition, are perfect for visually expanding spaces, making the room where they are appear larger. There are indoor varieties that are very easy to care for (here we tell you how) and, if not, you can always bet on artificial plants like those from Primark Home, available from 2 euros.

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