The 5 foods that help in cancer prevention

In recent years the Cancer has increased up to 12% and only in 2019 will will reach 277,700 diagnoses. "One of the factors you can control to reduce the risk of cancer is your lifestyle. Many of your daily decisions can positively or negatively influence your health," said the health department at Harvard University.

Bad eating habits, smoking, aging and exposure to other factors increases the risk of suffering. However the eat in a balanced way and choose 'protective' foods could help reduce these risks by up to 40%, maintain data to which the health insurance comparator has had access.

Take note, because here are five essential foods for your diet and that, in addition to good and healthy, you could help prevent this pathology.

Vegetable origin

Foods that help prevent cancer: olive oil

Plant-based foods, such as olive oil, contain antioxidants, phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals They help reduce the risk of cancer. This is due to oleocantal, a natural organic oil compound that is capable of killing cancer cells without damaging healthy human cells.


Foods that help prevent cancer: fruit.

According to a study published in the magazine 'Annals of Oncology' conducted by researchers from the Mario Negri Institute in Milan, Italy, consume apples reduces the risk of suffering various types of cancer, such as esophagus, ovaries, colon – rectal, or prostate.


Foods that help prevent cancer: red fruits.

In general, all red fruits contribute great health benefits, but especially blueberries contain antioxidant and flavonoid properties. These are responsible for cleaning all the radicals in the body, responsible for damaging the cells.


Foods that help prevent cancer: spices

The aromatic plants are ideal to adhere at any time to our dish and give it an exquisite taste. But in addition to its great variety and pleasant aromas, spices contain multiple beneficial properties for health. Ginger, turmeric, basil, pepper, oregano and cumin have a great antioxidant effect, strengthen the immune system and help prevent colon cancer.


Foods that help fight cancer: vegetables.

The vegetables They are one of the most prominent anticancer foods, especially for prevent lung cancer. Spinach, arugula, broccoli, cabbage and cabbage, turnip … also contain anti-inflammatory effects.

On the other hand, reduce the consumption of sugar and alcohol It is another recommendation. The idea lies in eating natural foods, free of environmental toxins. And beyond prevention, these foods are also essential when it comes to boost the immune system Y alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy.

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The way you cook food also influences your health

It is very important that when cooking food has been cleaned the utensils that you will use later. There are some processes that not only alter their composition, but can also lead to acrylimide, a chemical potentially carcinogenic which is created in starchy ingredients in high temperature cooking processes. This mostly affects fried foods, baked goods, barbecues … and we see it, for example, when we burn toast. It is not advisable to exceed 180 degrees of cooking.

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