The 5 best Iberian hams from the supermarket according to the OCU

When it comes to analyzing products, the OCU takes it very seriously. So much so that for his latest study on the quality of the Iberian ham that we buy in supermarkets, the organization has made a DNA test to see the origin of the slices we consume at home.

And, according to statistics, Iberian ham is the most consumed product at Christmas. In fact, its sale is usually increased by up to 50% on these dates. That is why it is not bad to consider the ranking that the OCU has prepared. Of 33 brands analyzed, these are the five best options based on their origin, quality and price:

Iberian pork ham Villar


5. Iberian pork ham Villar

In fifth place is this ham, which has obtained a score of 87 out of 100 points. They describe its flavor as "very good quality" and highlight its composition and Iberian breed. As for its price, quite competent: € 2.85 each container of 50 grams. It can be purchased at Carrefour or Alcampo.

Sierra Leales Iberian bait ham


4. Iberian bait ham Sierra Leales

The fourth best option we can find in supermarkets. With an 88 out of 100, this ham also stands out for its flavor. The package of 150 grams is priced at € 16.95 and can be purchased on surfaces such as Hipercor.

Iberian bait ham 50% Realvalle


3. Iberian bait ham 50% Realvalle

In this case the general score coincides with the previous one: 88 out of 100. However, this ham has obtained better evaluations both in its composition, tasting and breed of Iberian. The funny thing is its price, quite economical: € 2.99 a package of 100 grams in the Lidl.

Iberian ham Sánchez Alcaraz

The English Court

2. Iberian ham Sánchez Alcaraz

He has obtained the second position with an 89 of 100. The taste is good, but experts have also taken a negative point in terms of oleic acid and the fat it contains. It has a price of € 4.50 and can be purchased at El Corte Inglés.

Iberian acorn-fed ham Cuyar

The English Court

1. Iberian acorn-fed ham Cuyar

The winner of the analysis is this Iberian ham with a score of 91 out of 100. It has the best ratings in terms of taste, composition, race, preservatives and tasting. And its price is also interesting: less than € 20 the 85 gram container. Although it can be purchased in different weights in El Corte Inglés.

These are the five best Iberian hams in the supermarket, but … and the worst? There is one that has obtained the lowest ratings: the 50% Iberian ham and bait of the Iberian Legado ElPozo brand. He has only managed to reach 41 points out of 100.

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