The 4-7-8 technique with which you will be able to fall asleep in a minute

Sleep well and the necessary hoursIt has multiple benefits for the body. From breaking down stress to rejuvenating our skin, rest is proven to be our body’s way of regenerate our cells, so the lack of rest will make you age sooner (and worse). But one of the drawbacks of the passage of time, is that we tend to sleep worse and when before we fell asleep as soon as we put our heads on the pillow, over the years To fall asleep starts to be a problem.

According to Spanish Society of Neurology (SEN), between 20 and 48% of the Spanish adult population have difficulties initiating or maintaining sleep, with 10% of cases being triggered by a Sleep disorder chronic and severe. There are three aspects that determine if a person has a good quality of sleep: duration, continuity and depth. Taking these three parameters into account, if we do not spend enough time sleeping, there are continuous interruptions of sleep or it is not deep enough, we should seek professional help. Why? Because a poor quality of sleep has a direct impact on our health with a greater risk of suffering from hypertension or aggravate other pathologies.

If you have trouble falling asleep, keep reading, because this interests you. We are going to talk to you about a technique called 4-7-8, which promises to leave you exhausted in just a minute. This is a method popularized by Andrew Weill, from the University of Arizona, and consists of a breathing procedure related to meditation. For it to work better, it is recommended to do it lying down and placing the tip of the tongue on the upper gum of the mouth, keeping it there throughout the process. The first thing is take a breath through the nose for 4 seconds and then keep it in the lungs another 7 seconds. Finally, that air is expelled slowly over 8 seconds, repeating the technique several times until, in a short time, you begin to fall asleep thanks to the relaxation which causes

This technique achieves calm the nervous system and slow the heart rate to reach a state of calm that allows us to induce sleep and helps avoid the stress that can sometimes cause us not to fall asleep and that prevents us from resting.

If you combine this technique with a good sleep routinerest is assured. It is recommended that you have a schedule stable both to go to bed and to get up, that you avoid the use of electronic devices when you go to bed and eliminate coffee and alcohol from late afternoon. Also, expose yourself to natural light during the day to control the circadian system and avoid doing physical exercise from seven in the evening, as it can increase body temperature, directly interfering with falling asleep.

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