The 30 foods with iron that will make you forget about the headache and tiredness

The lack of iron (here we have compiled the foods that have the most iron) in the body can lead to bad mood, tiredness, weakness, headache, concentration problems … In fact, these are the early symptoms of iron deficiency anemia (anemia due to lack of iron) to which others are added such as brittle nails, hair loss, paleness, dizziness or dizziness, among others. "The problem is that many times, the patient does not see them as a whole, but as independent symptoms that are treated separately ", explains Dr. José Cordero, medical director of Nectar, Health Insurance. If you notice any of these symptoms, the expert advises going to the doctor to undergo a general checkup that includes a complete blood test.

20 foods with iron that take away fatigue and headache

Although the causes can be diverse, the most common is the lack or shortage of iron in our diet. Thus, Dr. Cordero explains that it is important to include iron-rich foods in our diet; how red meat, fish (sardines, whiting …) and, above all, crustaceans (mussels, clams, cockles …) to get the supply of iron that our body needs to function properly. The expert explains that it is convenient to combine these foods with others rich in vitamin C, since it favors the absorption of iron.

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Although much has been heard about lentils being one of the foods with more iron, the truth is that there are many more spices than figures in the 'top ten' of foods rich in iron, according to the Base de Spanish Food Composition Data.

The 30 foods with the highest total amount of iron (in milligrams) per 100 grams of edible portion:

  • 1. Thyme (123.6 milligrams per 100 grams of edible portion).
  • 2. Fried white bread (89.2).
  • 3. Cumin (66.35).
  • 4. Dill (48.8).
  • 5. Dried oregano (44).
  • 6. Laurel, sheet (43).
  • 7. Basil (42).
  • 8. Cinnamon powder (38.1).
  • 9. Chilli powder (34.1).
  • 10. Curry (29.5).
  • 11. Rosemary (28.9).
  • 12. Black pepper (28.9).
  • 13. Canned clams (25.6).
  • 14. Chirla (24).
  • 15. Cockles (24) and canned cockles (24).
  • 16. Corn and wheat based breakfast cereals (24).
  • 17. Natural clam (24).
  • 18. Paprika powder (23.6).
  • 19. Fried corn (20.3).
  • 20. Pigeon, skinless, roasted (20).
  • 21. Fried black pudding (19).
  • 22. Pork lung, raw (18.9).
  • 23. Neapolitan sauce (18.4).
  • 24. Wheat snacks (15.3) and wheat rinds (15.3).
  • 25. All Bran cereals with fiber (15).
  • 26. White pepper (14.3).
  • 27. Zamburiñas (14).
  • 28. Breakfast cereals such as wheat, oats, corn, honey and walnuts (13.9).
  • 29. Chicken egg, dried yolk (13.8).
  • 30. Sicilian sauce (spicy) 13.4.

Spices are in the top ten of the list of foods rich in iron, but as experts say, it is advisable to combine foods rich in iron, so that it is possible to follow a balanced diet.

Nectar experts propose the following combinations or menu rich in iron:

  1. 1. Wholemeal pasta with cockles.
  2. 2. Clams a la marinera.
  3. 3. Broccoli with prawns.
  4. 4. Beef skewer with thyme and fried peppers.
  5. 5. Catalan spinach (raisins and pine nuts).
  6. 6. Lentils with brown rice.
  7. 7. Whiting with chicory.
  8. 8. Beef carpaccio with parmesan and arugula seasoned with lemon vinaigrette.
  9. 9. Pigeon with mustard.
  10. 10. Fruit Macedonia (make sure it includes peach, figs, and strawberries, as well as orange juice).

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