The 3 injuries that concern Real Madrid

An elite team, like Real Madrid, must face many games per season. The physical demand can lead to a string of injuries.

Last update: September 16, 2022

Real Madrid has faced a week with several of its figures between cottons. Karim Benzema, Eder Militao and Lucas Vázquez suffered injuries that occur frequently in football, but that still set off the alarms.

During a season in high-level football, it is normal for players to spend a few days, weeks or months off due to physical conditions. Sometimes these injuries all happen in a short time, as is happening to Real Madrid.

The streak of injuries at Real Madrid started by Benzema

The first problem for the merengue team came in a game of UEFA champions league against Celtic of Scotland. The affected was one of the biggest stars of the team: Karim Benzemaa footballer who takes care of his physique to the extreme, but who, of course, is not exempt from suffering injuries.

The Frenchman suffered two muscle problems in his right thigh. On the one hand, the semitendinosus muscle was injured, which is located in the inner part of the hamstrings and participates in knee flexion and hip extension.

On the other hand, Benzema has an overload in the quadriceps. It is not a disabling injury in itself, but it does cause discomfort and can lead to a more serious condition that requires prolonged recovery.

Benzema adds, to the muscular problem, a knee bursitis for which he was predicted 10 days without official matches.

Militao, the second injury of the streak

The Brazilian defender also experienced physical problems in the duel Champions against Celtic. In his case, it was a hamstring injury.

Like Benzema, Militao suffered an overload in this structure, made up of a group of muscles in the hamstring area. This anatomical region is located between the gluteus and the anterior part of the knee, and is made up of the semitendinosus, the semimembranosus, and the biceps femoris.

A muscular overload can appear when demanding an excessive effort or due to insufficient preheating. Whatever the origin, it does not usually require more than 10 days —between rest and rehabilitation— for a full recovery.

Lucas Vázquez completed the injury streak

Real Madrid’s Spanish winger, Lucas Vázquez, was the last to suffer a muscle injury in the merengue squad. In the case of the 31-year-old, it was a soreness in the gracilis muscle, which is located in the right thigh.

The gracilis muscle is also known as internal rectum. It is located, as its name indicates, in the inner part of the thigh, from the coxal bone to the tibia.

This structure is part of the group of adductors. Its main functions are related to leg flexion and knee internal and medial rotation, as well as hip flexion and adduction.

Muscular overloads in the quadriceps are expected in soccer. The high degree of demand on the field, in high-level leagues, is almost unavoidable.

Injuries at Real Madrid, are they a coincidence?

Analyzing the three cases mentioned, it is perceived that all are muscle injuries in the lower body, more exactly in the area of ​​the thighs. Although it is impossible to know if they all share -at least partially- a common origin, they give a clue of the demand that the Real Madrid squad is having at this start of the season.

In a calendar month, the team has already played 5 dates in La Liga and 2 in UEFA champions league, in addition to a pre-season with several friendlies in the United States in July and a European Super Cup final against Eintracht Frankfurt. The Qatar 2022 World Cup that takes place at the end of the year forces the competitions to be compressed in a short time.

Age is also a factor to consider.. Although Militao is young (24 years old), Benzema and Vázquez are already over 30. And the same applies to other players in the squad, such as Luka Modric, Toni Kross and Dani Carvajal, who will have to moderate the minutes on the field and the charges in training to avoid injury.

Real Madrid has stood out in the physical aspect

If there is something in which Real Madrid has stood out, since the return of Carlo Ancelotti as coach, it is in the physical aspect. The epic comebacks in extra time in recent years testify to the effectiveness of the method of Antonio Pintus, the team’s physical trainer.

Nevertheless, the string of injuries is a warning light who will serve in the white square. Three similar muscle injuries in a month are conspicuous and will need to work to prevent further problems.

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