The 3 best tips to lose weight if you have already turned 40 (or more)

The end of summer is near and the scale reminds us that, once again, we have sinned again: how much will it cost you to say goodbye to that couple of kilos that you have brought as a souvenir? Well, unfortunately, if you are already in quarantine (or more) you will have to try a little more than if you were 20. Why do women gain weight with age and why is it so difficult to lose weight after 40 (and not to mention with the arrival of menopause)? At first, you can blame it on your hormones. When you are young, there is a stage of the menstrual cycle in which estrogens are all high, assaulting the brain and are responsible for regulating food intake, metabolic expenditure and the way in which body fat is stored. But When the estrogen level falls with age and those estrogen peaks no longer occur, it is another hormone, leptin, which takes over these functions and things change.

If the brain is not especially sensitive to leptin (and if you have not been a very active person throughout your life, it may be like that) this hormone ends up promoting us to overeat and spend less, in addition to Leptin likes more to accumulate fat in the abdomen rather than under the skin (as estrogens do). Does this mean that you have to give up and assume that the kilos accumulate as quickly as the years? Well no, there are adequate ways to lose weight and stay at your weight no matter how old you are. The experts give these three keys to guarantee that if you have already turned 40 or 50 and want to lose weight, you get it.

Losing weight is possible at any age if you learn to eat properly.

1. How to lose weight at 40? Don't be afraid of carbohydrates, but choose the best ones and moderate the portions

After 40, the daily carbohydrate requirements decrease, but do not disappear. Abandoning them completely is one of the most common mistakes that are made when we want to lose weight, especially if we want to say goodbye quickly to that excess of kilos. Instead of simply following a low-carbohydrate diet, reduce the size of your carbohydrate servings and ensure that these are always of the best quality. Ditch the refined flours and sweets and put about 45 g of whole grains per meal on your plate: with about 175 g of carbohydrates a day, if they are of good quality, it is enough.

2. To lose weight with more than 40 years, make vegetables the center of your dishes

Used to thinking of a grilled steak to lose weight? Get that image out of your head and reverse the order of the factors: vegetables are no longer your garnish, they are the star of each main meal of the dayBuild each menu thinking of vegetables as the first dish or as the main ingredient of your combined dish in which lean proteins should not be lacking either (but they cannot take away the protagonist "from the green").

You need to eat five servings of vegetables a day (even for breakfast). To calculate the portions think about the size of a tennis ball or in a cup full of vegetables. Don't you see yourself capable of having vegetables for breakfast? Take advantage of your imagination and gourmet heritage. Whole wheat toast with roasted bell peppers and mackerel, a roasted sweet potato with spinach and cheese, some carrot sticks with roasted eggplant hummus, or an omelet with zucchini doesn't sound so bad to start the day, right?


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3. If you've already turned 45, eat real food

Sometimes just change the chip and assume that to be healthy you have to cook and make a shopping list full of real food it's all you need to lose weight. Research shows, for example, that women who substitute items made with highly processed flours for whole grains are able to lose weight even if they do not reduce the number of calories they consume at the end of the day. Expert advice is to stop dieting and focus on a new goal: eat better, healthier and cooking more. If you follow this advice, the loss of kilos is guaranteed.

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