The 21-day fitness challenge: follow the advice of physical trainers to meet your goals

Experts say that it takes 21 days to create a habit, so if you started on January 1 with your goal of getting fit, you’ve already done the hard part. If you’re still lagging behind on your year’s goal of exercising, turn the clock on and strive not to fail in those three vital weeks that are needed to consolidate a new routine in your life.


How many times have you paid the annual gym fee and only used it for the first month? So that this does not happen, it is important to have, according to Sara Álvarez, founder and creator of the Reto 48 methodology, a key factor: set a clear goal for yourself and go for it.


“You have to approach the exercise knowing that takes effort, but in such a way that results are seen. That success, those small steps, is what will encourage you to continue”, says Álvarez.


«The sport chosen must be proportional to the state of form. If the exercise is excessive, even if they are short sessions, there is a high risk of abandonment. we progress very fast if we train four days a week for an hour and a half, but if it is not feasible, it is better to try well-programmed exercises, but shorter, like three days a week, 45-50 minutes, “says physical trainer Jorge Herrán, from David Lloyd Aravaca. Sara Álvarez advises always training on the same days and at the same time of day. It is about integrating exercise into your daily life and your lifestyle.

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To avoid procrastination, join a club close to work or home. Or, better yet, look for a comprehensive center, where you can also enjoy one day or another, after exercise, a spa session, a massage or a beauty treatment.


This way it will be much easier for you not to give up. «It is important that sport is not boring, so it is highly recommended to combine mixed activities of cardio with strength training, a fun mix that helps tone the body, increases vitality and energy and helps to lose weight more quickly,” says Herrán.


The moment you see that you are looking for excuses to quit, change your discipline or give yourself a new challenge. Novelty always generates interest and stimulates desire. Help yourself with tools that make training sessions more appealing and stimulating, accompany them with music that you like, meet a friend, etc.


“We cannot be totally strict, because non-compliance generates frustration and jeopardizes continuity. If one day you skip it, nothing happens, there is no need to flagellate yourself; the solution must be to return to that achievable plan, “remarks the club’s coach David Lloyd Aravaca.


“Noting down progress and achievements is fundamental, because it constitutes a positive reinforcement that compels us to continue. In addition, this helps us to be able to assess daily progress”, Álvarez points out.

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