The 20 most necessary kitchen utensils

When we talk about the utensils that cannot be missing in your kitchen, a few may come to mind. But do you know what are all the instruments that you should have at home? Find out.

Last update: October 11, 2021

The kitchen is the sanctuary of a home, the place where delicious dishes are prepared. To meet the palates of family members you must have the necessary kitchen utensils. For this reason, we made a list of the instruments that you should never miss to stand out in the culinary art.

1. Rod beater

When we do not have this tool we resort to cutlery. However, for a mixture to be without lumps, as in the case of pancakes, this utensil is necessary.

Something similar happens when making a French omelette. Believe it or not, the difference between a good and a bad omelette may be in the tool that was used to beat the egg.

2. Knife kit

You must get yourself a set of knives, durable and have a good blade. Remember that there are different types and each one has a different purpose.

Knowing what they are used for will save you energy when cutting and allow the cut to be more precise. Likewise, your kitchen should have at least one all-purpose knife, as well as one for cutting bread, one for boning and another for steaks.

3. Kitchen scissors

This is a utensil that should not be missing in the kitchen. To cut vegetables, chicken and fat from meats are quite useful. Some are even designed to open nuts, containers, or uncap a bottle. We recommend purchasing one with a steel blade.

4. Cutting board

In addition to preventing scratches on the countertop, the cutting board protects the blades of your knives. Although there are many materials to choose from, wood is still one of the most recommended.

Yes indeed, should be sanitized frequently to prevent bacteria from accumulating. It is also recommended to have several cutting boards; one for meat and fish and one for vegetables.

Knives and kitchen boards are essential elements for those who like to cook.

5. Non-stick frying pan

Non-stick pans are great allies. Not only can you trust that food won’t stick to its surface, it is much easier to clean. One tip is to opt for a ceramic-coated skillet.

6. Wooden spoon

A good cook needs a wooden spoon. This is superior to those of other materials because it does not affect the taste of food, as it happens with metal ones. However, like cutting boards, they must be washed frequently and by hand.

7. Spatula

Regardless of the material they are made of, spatulas were created to facilitate the cumbersome task of stirring and removing food from pots and pans. Of course, if you enjoy baking, you will probably find a silicone spatula more convenient.

8. Grater

Sometimes to add some foods to your dishes you need to grate them. It is there that this utensil is required.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to have one of each type of blade. You can opt for a box grater which includes the four basic blade types.

9. Strainer

When you are cooking you will be presented with many situations where you will need to use a strainer. Although it is true that each food may require a special type.

If it is coffee, you should use a cloth one. Nevertheless, in case of pasta or rice, it is recommended one made of plastic or stainless steel. Finally, for sauces and purees the best option is a Chinese strainer.

10. Peeler

If you have a large family or cook for the whole week, it is important that you have a peeler. It will facilitate the arduous task of stripping vegetables of their skins. Besides being very useful if you want to make strips of vegetables or fruits.

11. Tweezers or pliers

The tweezers function as an extension of the hand, so they allow to hold and move food. Depending on the type, you can perform different actions. An example of this are the stainless steel tongs, ideal for sautéing, sealing and roasting food.

12. Bucket

Without a ladle, serving a cream or soup could become an impossible task. Especially if we take into account the few substitutes (if not any) that this utensil has.

13. Can opener

Since not all cans have easy open, this is one of the most necessary utensils in the kitchen. There are many types. You can even choose between manuals, which you must force, or electrical.

14. Corkscrew

Like the can opener, this utensil cannot be missing in one of your kitchen drawers. Now, although there are electric ones, many prefer the two-stroke corkscrew for its cost and efficiency. As its name says, it takes two steps to open a bottle of wine.

15. Cookware

In the kitchen you can not miss pots, pans and saucepans. While it is true that the ideal is to buy a quality battery, you can also buy the parts separately.

It all depends on the situation you find yourself in. Also, if you have a dishwasher at home, it is best to opt for stainless steel containers.

Having pots of different sizes makes it easier to prepare the dishes.

16. Baking pan

Although its main function is to cook in the oven, using such a source can have other advantages. To get started, it is perfect for presenting food on the table. Likewise, it is able to maintain the temperature of the food for longer.

17. Oven glove

Speaking of the oven, we could not fail to mention the glove that is needed to handle the dishes and trays that are placed inside. The oven mitt is necessary to prevent burns, so you must ensure that it has been manufactured with a fire retardant material.

18. Apron

Preventing your clothes from getting splashed with food is also very important. Thus, you should place the apron near the entrance to the kitchen, so do not forget to use it every time you prepare to prepare a delicacy.

19. Dishcloths

Kitchen towels are considered essential. They allow you to clean and collect food debris while making preparations. In addition, you can choose from a lot of materials.

20. Tapers

The lids are not only ideal for storing leftovers, but also they are very useful if you like to cook for the whole week. With a little creativity you can identify them and organize what you have prepared in the refrigerator.

Prepare the necessary kitchen utensils for action!

To taste delicacies You must have the necessary kitchen utensils on hand to prepare them. From knives, scissors, and cutting board, to gloves, apron, and tea towels. What would become of us without any of these essentials?

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