The 10 habits you should follow if you want to have a good day

To carry out an orderly life It is essential to have a well furnished head. And that is reflected in reality based on the acts, that is, in the little things we do every day and that mark our routine. In many cases, a routine is still repetitive and tired. This is the feature that best defines it: something we do almost automatically.

There are good and bad, and even self destructive. That is why we must take seriously each of the actions we do on a daily basis to achieve a healthy life and away from bad habits. Having an established routine from the morning is an excellent way to start the day because it will keep you in the right direction.

Steve Jobs, just getting up, wondered: "If today was the last day of my life, would I do what I am about to do right now?"

Not only that: a good morning routine can make you feel less overwhelmed and calmer in the face of what the day holds. Many geniuses had somewhat bizarre customs. One of the most recent, Steve Jobs, He always woke up at six in the morning and before putting on his homework he looked at himself in the mirror to ask himself: "If today were the last day of my life, would I do what I am about to do right now? ".

Obviously, few of us achieved a state of introspection as high as that of the founder of Apple. Most ordinary mortals get up sleepy and run to hold on to their cup of hot coffee to wake up the mind and get going. If, unfortunately, you are not a brilliant mind and you just want to make the most of the day and give your best, surely the tips of Jeff Goins, successful businessman. In the magazine 'Medium', he has published an article in which he establishes a routine to face all the challenges that arise. Surely it inspires you to start this year on the right foot.

Wake up well soon

The time that Goins shuffles is at six in the morning. It depends on what time you have to go to your job, it is best that you get up with an hour of space before you have to leave home. If you get up early, you may also go to bed soon, so you will rest more than if you have a habit of getting up after ten in the morning.

Prepare the breakfast

As soon as you jump out of bed, go to the kitchen to make coffee. The popularly known as the most important meal of the day needs to be varied and healthy. Do not forget to get your amount of protein and vitamins. The businessman ensures that two eggs and a well-loaded coffee are always made. The most recommended fruits to consume at this time become oranges (vitamin C) or bananas (vitamin K and fiber).

Write something (whatever)

Either in a journal by hand or in a blog. You could also do it as soon as you go to bed, but If you write in the morning you will feel more focused on what you really want to do. What to write Although they are random thoughts, it is always okay to put what we feel or think in writing. They can also be more banal things like the shopping list.

Check your notifications

Order your email inbox and heed the messages they left you before you went to sleep. This activity will make you feel much more connected to the routine.

Check social networks

It's always good to feel connected to people you know or admire. While you drink coffee or finish your breakfast, or on the way to your job in case you resort to public transport.

Read anything

The newspaper, a good book or a political-philosophical essay. Not only does our body need to recharge energy to meet daily challenges, but also the head. For this there is nothing better than activating the brain through reading. This will help you act in a more rational way and better analyze everything that happens around you. And yes, also to entertain you, since the saying goes well that when you have a book with you you are never alone.

Go out to walk

If you have a pet, this is the best time of day to give it air. And, of course, you too. If you have to leave immediately to work, try to walk a little before getting in the car or on the bus, since a morning walk before entering the workday will help you keep your mind fresher and clear yourself. If instead you have a routine that involves getting into the car, then through the door of your company to return to the car after eight hours and get home, You may run the risk of burning faster.

A good shower

We could divide the people who prefer the night to take a bath and those who are more in the morning. In any case, a good shower before embarking on the road to work will also make you clear and face the day Much more relaxed and activated. Your body needs to be oxygenated and for that there is nothing more comforting than removing sweat and pressure from the previous day with a good shower.

Drink a lot of water

Hydrating as soon as you get up is essential. Goins says he usually drinks around a liter of water. It may be more or less of that amount, but keep in mind that having breakfast (and especially coffee) will increase your thirst sensation, so it is very important to keep your electrolyte level ready. What are you waiting for to undertake a healthy routine?