The & # 039; new sexuality & # 039; after Covid-19: experts call to reduce occasional encounters

During the seven months that they have been in isolation, we can see how the Covid-19 pandemic has transformed all our habits. Sexual relations have not been the exception, under the desire the dangers in intimacy with occasional encounters have increased.

Now, the alarms have been turned on and the Argentine sexologist Juan Carlos Kusnetzoff of the Hospital de Clínicas, calls the prudence to reduce the contagion curve. The specialist explains that sexual desire has decreased in quarantine.

What happens is that this appetite I know nourish by absence and not by presence. And the fact that couples spend so much time together because of the confinement has exacerbated the situation. Which gave a turn to sexuality and it did not take long to come to light.

Kusnetzoff, considers it was produced basically by the simple effect of fear of becoming infected with Covid-19 and dying. So now, people prefer to enjoy life to the fullest, in some cases the life they never had, in response to the certain suffering of a death to come.

But, he warns that recklessness can play a trick that would accelerate the end of our days. This is how he lists some of the ways in which the danger of contagion in casual encounters.

  • Kiss without a mask.
  • Not using the male genital condom correctly.
  • Hug, caress, feverishly touch the body and mucous membranes of the couple.

How risky can an occasional encounter be?

The sexologist says that in itself, you have to be careful when having sex with a regular partner, but even more so when it comes to causal encounters. Since it is not possible to know what hygiene habits an unknown person has, with which people they have been related or can even say that they are healthy when they are not.

All of this makes casual encounters much more dangerous than before. However, bold and fearless beings like danger and ignore the great risks that their actions carry.

How to protect yourself in the best way in casual encounters?

It is best to avoid casual encounters and minimize intimacy with strangers. But, abstinence in the long run can cause moodiness, depression and anxiety. So the advice that Kusnetzoff gives is to take maximum care of yourself when having sex.

You should use a condom from start to finish, use masks. Obsessively washing your hands, before, during and after. Even if it is possible to bathe before and after the relationship.

Believing that something like sexting or virtual sex can replace a skin-to-skin sexual relationship is minimally a fantasy. Juan Carlos Kusnetzoff, sexologist doctor.

Given the comments that have been raised about virtual sex, Kusnetzoff, thinks that it is a related delusion of commercial journalism. And, it ensures that sexual intercourse is the successful culmination of a social significance, so it is not to be compared to complacency. The idea is to avoid casual encounters or take maximum care of them while living the pandemic, not to replace and modify the ways of relating.

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