The & # 039; lunges & # 039 ;: the best exercise for back and lower back pain

You hurt lumbar and they told you that working out it's going to happen to you Does any kind of sports movement work? Evidently not. Also, I'm sure there are enough days that, for one or the other, you're too busy to go to fitness center. Do not worry, we will not force you to perform a routine all day so that you recover, but there is a complete movement that will give you an explosion of energy in a few minutes.

It is estimated that 85% of the population will suffer at least one episode throughout his life and supposes the main cause of sick leave in people under 50, according to the Spanish Society of Primary Care Physicians. It is the most frequent chronic health problem in our society and experts advise that you practice sports regularly.

The muscle groups that converge in the back are like the ropes that hold a gear. At each step we take, the muscles adjust the tension to avoid falling. They are all coordinated so there are no unnecessary overloads. However, if they are unbalanced, or the tone is insufficient, they work poorly, contracture and back pain appear.

What can you do?

Day after day it is possible that you are hunkering your back in the office, carrying your children or have accumulated tension in your neck and shoulders, which makes you go forward. As a result, the chest and lumbar muscles weaken. All this leads to bad posture and to be more prone to injuries and pain from the lower part.

The gym, pilates or swimming they make it especially easy to symmetrically develop the indicated area. However, the most important thing is to play sports continuously. If you do not like them, you should put interest. There is no excuse for not doing physical activity. Which is better? The thrusts.

Do thrusts in your strength training routine several times a week and you will soon notice that any activity becomes much easier

How are they made? They can also be called 'lunges'. Their purpose is to develop agility and physical strength, being able to have complete control of the body when moving. The lunges they are made without additional weight, but there are variations where dumbbells or a bar are used (which are not recommended for beginners). Place your back and legs straight with arms outstretched on the sides.

It moves forward with one foot looking towards the front, keeping the trunk always straight. Then, the back knee touches the ground slightly. The gluteal force is used to bring the back leg forward. It is important not to stop at each step, but perform a continuous walk. Do you want to challenge yourself? Add a biceps curl exercise with weights or walk forward when you make the move to keep things more interesting. Repeat it eight to twelve times in each series.

Put this exercise in your training routine of strength several times a week and you will soon notice that any activity becomes much easier. It does not matter if you're lifting bags or bending over to pick up something from the ground, Your back muscles do more than you think.