Ten of the 17 affected by salmonella in Salamanca are returned to hospital

Ten of those affected by salmonella that They had been discharged in Salamanca after being treated between Thursday and Friday at the Hospital, they have been admitted as their condition worsens, according to sources from the center to Europa Press.

In total, 18 people have been affected after having consumed a tortilla of potato in poor condition in a bar in Salamanca, as confirmed yesterday by the Minister of Health, VerĂ³nica Casado.

Of those affected, one was already admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), although this Saturday I was scheduled to go to the floor, according to the same sources.

The rest were discharged after being treated in the emergency department. Of them, ten they had to return to the center when their condition worsened and have been hospitalized between Friday afternoon and evening.

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