Tell me what you're craving for and I'll tell you what your nutritional deficit is

Surely you've had that moment of whim in which you die by eating certain foods that the body asks of you, often not exactly healthy. We tell you what those signals that the body sends us mean.

When we have a desperate desire to eat something in particular, we say that we have a whim, a signal that our body sends us to cover an imminent nutritional need. The problem comes when the interpretation of that whim is to cover it with unhealthy ingredients, the good news is that knowing how to interpret those messages we can replace them with healthy foods.

Sometimes the body asks us for fruit, more water, nuts … That's great because we identify and satisfy that craving eating healthy ingredients but what about those times when we have the urgent need to eat undesirable foods?

The first thing you have to know is that many cravings are simply thirsty, yes, thirsty, the body is dehydrating and the brain confuses that need by sending you a message of anxiety to sometimes take 'anything' quickly and with anxiety. Try drinking a glass of water and wait a few minutes before eating desperately. If you take away that crazy desire to eat is that you simply need to hydrate.


Craving for fast food or 'junk food'

Sure it has happened more than once, with a hangover or on specific days, that you feel the unstoppable desire to eat hamburgers, pizzas, chips … Well what your body is asking you for is actually fat, you need to take fats and the brain interprets it as we have interpreted it over the last decades, with fast food from large chains and how much more greasy and refried better.

Ok, you have already identified the problem, now that you know how to interpret that signal that your body gives you, you only have to reprogram what the organism of our ancestors consumed in those moments, replacing those harmful modern fats with healthy fat. Take avocado, coconut oil, olive oil, nuts, seeds … so you can eliminate your craving by giving your body what it needs.


Chocolate craving

This should be one of the most frequent cravings among women, especially because of hormonal fluctuations. What is our body really asking for? It is telling us that it has a selenium deficit and that it needs an extra contribution that the brain interprets to send us the signal.

Chocolate has selenium so it is what will come to your head quickly if the body needs it but of course, try to be as healthy as possible, preferably black and with 85% cocoa and no sugar. But you can also alleviate that craving with foods rich in selenium such as nuts, sunflower seeds or almonds.

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Cravings of carbohydrates (bread, pastries …)

So many times we have lived this moment that we are not going to put to account. If your body sickly requests bread, pasta, pastries … What you need are amino acids and energy quickly and immediately and he knows that with bread and other simple carbohydrates he will achieve it ipso facto.

Once the lack is detected, we will reinterpret the message to cover that need of the body with foods that do not break your diet, so you can choose in these cases to eat quinoa, eggs and nuts like nuts to regain strength.


Cravings for sweets

Another classic. Your body is asking for glucose and you think of throwing ultra-processed packaging, filled chocolates, chocolates, lollipops, candies and jelly beans. Before giving you that binge, stop and think about what your organism is telling you.

You need glucose because the body is asking you to hang up in the neighborhood candy store, but you can cover those needs in a healthy way that does not cause you to store fat and rise in size. Choose at those times to take fruit that has fructose and also have a great nutritional value, antioxidants, minerals, fiber and vitamins. Dates are also a great idea to provide the body with glucose that requires in the form of fructose and fiber.