Teacher freed girls from child marriage in India, was named “best teacher in the world”

This teacher set out to change the reality of a village in India and he succeeded. Know its history!

Last update: January 06, 2022

Academic inequality is a reality in many parts of the world. This is due to the lack of financial resources, the long distances to reach an institution and, in some cases, certain cultural issues.

A reflection of that situation is the Zilla Parishad school in Maharashtra, India. Well, in 2009 only 2% of girls were able to attend academic meetings.

Furthermore, a large majority of those who attended were unable to learn fluently. This since As they belonged to tribal communities, they had a different language than the one used by the teachers.

Because of this, many families in the region did not see the study as an opportunity to get ahead. Therefore, they made girls marry in their teens.

But nevertheless, the arrival of a magnificent teacher revolutionized everything and fostered change. For that reason, we detail the exciting facts below.

The work of the teacher

Ranjit was the professor who came to the institution in 2009. However, Upon seeing the conditions, he stated that it was urgent to be able to change that unfortunate scenario.

As a result of that fact, took the initiative to start learning the local language. This with the intention that the girls of the tribal communities also had the opportunity to capture the information without inconvenience.

In that way When he mastered the language of the region, he dedicated himself to translating the books that were used in the classes. This is how all the children began to master the topics and understand the tasks assigned to them.

However, the professor continued to perform wonderful actions so that reality continued to change. So much so too incorporated QR codes in the texts so that each student could listen to poems, explanations and stories in their natural language.

He also found a way to make other QRs so that girls with some special condition could obtain the information without problems. That way, the school became a space that catered to the needs of all its students.

The result of each of these initiatives was that 100% of the girls were able to start studying. In addition to this, due to new opportunities, adolescent couples stopped showing up.

Recognition as “the best teacher in the world”

After achieving success in school, Ranjit made the decision to promote change throughout India. For that reason, He proposed to the Ministry the idea of ​​incorporating books with QR in all institutions and school grades.

Thanks to his efforts, in 2017 that proposal became a reality. It was like this The innovative strategy became an essential learning tool in the country.

Because of all the contributions, the teacher won The Global Teaching Award. That way, He went on to become “the best teacher in the world.”

Along with the great award, the best teacher in the world received a financial sum of 1 million dollars. Nevertheless, he decided to share half of the award with the other teachers who were nominated.

In the end, he stated that this was the fairest decision. Well, They were also contributing a great grain of sand to improve the lives of each of the students.

Final reflection

There is no doubt that teachers are people who change the lives of students for the better. This because of They transmit fundamental knowledge and teachings to them so that they can have a great development throughout life.

Apart from that, they are dedicated to being human beings of integrity and dedicated by others. That is how In addition to providing information on educational issues, they are concerned with meeting the needs of each of the students who cross their paths.

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