Teacher decided to adopt one of her students who lived in an orphanage

This couple found in adoption an alternative to fulfill the dream of their lives, provide unconditional love and save 3 children. Discover the history!

Last update: October 10, 2021

Adoption is a great alternative for couples to fulfill their dream of being parents. What’s more, It is the perfect opportunity to welcome children in need, fill them with unconditional love and make them feel very happy again.

Míriam and Néstor are husbands who always wanted to have children that would make their days happy. Nevertheless, in a medical consultation they found out that the woman had a fertility problem and was prone to having risky pregnancies.

Because of this, they decided that they were not going to have biological children to avoid putting their lives at risk. However, in the woman’s family there had already been several adoption cases and she was struck by following that path.

But, at first Nestor was not convinced to dare to make that decision. Therefore, several years passed in which they analyzed the situation together and at the end of 2016 they determined that this was the best choice to fulfill the most important dream of their lives.

Thus, they began to attend adoption centers to register, learn about the corresponding procedures and receive talks to clear up their doubts. That way, Three months after starting the process, they received a call notifying them that there were 2 children available for adoption.

The first adoptions

They were Ian who was 7 years old and Lolo who was 8. Both children had already gone through previous adoption processes, but in these they received different types of abuse.

Because of this, the judges warned Miriam and Nestor that they were looking for parents to educate them in a loving and unconditional way. This is how they did not hesitate to accept the challenge, as the children moved them and conquered their hearts from the first moment.

Parents kept their promise to give their children the life they deserve and never disrespect them. That way, they built a united, loving and virtuous family.

The arrival of a new member of the family

Míriam works as a teacher at a school and, as the days went by, she began to notice that one of her students acted with fear of relating to others. What’s more, Her concern intensified when the 16-year-old girl did not attend classes from one moment to the next.

As a result of that event, he was encouraged to find out what was happening with the girl. At that moment it was that discovered that Camila was living in an orphanage.

The woman identified where the orphanage was located and told the girl that she wanted to see her again. In addition, She talked about the situation with her husband and they were encouraged to pass a proposal to adopt her.

However, the judge determined that in order to adopt Camila it was first necessary to evaluate what treatment they were willing to offer her. That way, for several months they could only be with her on weekends.

But, the girl began to have serious needs inside the orphanage. For that reason, Due to the affection that Míriam and Néstor showed, the endorsement was given so that the adoption could finally be carried out definitively.

Best of all, the other two children accepted the arrival of their new sister in the best way. This because of They understood that like them, another girl needed the warmth of a fraternal home full of care.

This is how today Míriam and Néstor enjoy their life with their three children, which recharge them and provide them with the motivation they need every day.

About the act of adopting

Adopting is the process that gives people a second chance to find a home in which the priority is their well-being. Likewise, the good heart is reflected because the intention is to welcome in the best way those who need it most.

It is important to note that adoption does not only take place with babies. Then, There are also a large number of adolescents waiting for the opportunity to reach a home where they love them without measures and can return all that affection.

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