Teacher assures that the house is for the family, so she decides not to leave homework to the children

This teacher made a decision that divided opinions. Discover it!

Last update: 09 September, 2022

Throughout history, many study methodologies have been consolidated. However, in most of them, the idea of ​​leaving homework prevails.

Because of this, many parents have complained about that determination. Well, they assure that this imposition weakens the quality time that should be shared with the family.

In recent days, a teacher joined that thinking. He stated that he would never again leave tasks that had to be done outside the classroom. Therefore, in this article we share the details of this story.

The moment in which the teacher made the decision

A teacher was characterized by leaving various activities for her students at home. Her intention was to reinforce the learning obtained during each of the classes.

But the moment she became a mother, she began to reflect on that style of work.. She realized that homework took up a great deal of time and prevented the children from spending time with their families.

According to her, they shorten the spaces that children have to tell their parents how they are. Likewise, they hinder the opportunities they have to carry out other plans.

In addition, they also prevent students from doing multiple extracurricular activities that enhance their development and provide them with key lessons. Such as crafts, playing a sport, playing an instrument, or attending dance classes.

In accordance with those ideas, the teacher determined that the house should be only to enjoy with the family. Therefore, he communicated to everyone that he would never leave homework again.

The viralization of history

After making that decision, the teacher wanted to share it through TikTok. His goal is that many more educators use his proposal.

In a very short time, he managed to get his approach started to be shared in a massive way. So much so, that today the publication exceeds 10,000 likes.

However, opinions are divided. Several people have applauded what was expressed by the teacher. They indicate that it does not seem fair that their children only have free time to eat dinner and go to sleep.

Similarly, many other teachers have taken the opportunity to say that they will begin to do the same. They are clear that family experiences are just as important as school learning.

On the other hand, another group has rejected the teacher’s statement. They state that homework is essential to cultivating discipline. Likewise, they are essential for students to reinforce everything that was not clear to them in class.

The truth is that the teacher will be faithful to her feelings because she is convinced that there are other models that strengthen knowledge and do not interrupt family time. Watch the recording shared on social media:

The importance of teachers

Teachers are indispensable to society. They allow students to discover and strengthen each of their abilities.

In addition to this, they cultivate knowledge that are crucial to understanding the world and reinforce your critical thinking. So much so, that they motivate them to continue discovering findings that guarantee development.

Third, they help students become great human beings. They instill values ​​in them and teach them to treat everyone else with respect.

It is a reality that marks the lives of people who cross their path for the better. In addition, they convince each of the students that they can do everything they set out to do.

Therefore, it is essential that all teachers act with empathy, humility and responsibility. Otherwise, they won’t achieve any of those benefits.

Similarly, it is also vital that parents tell their children that teachers will be a key part of their development. In order to make the most of their teachings.

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