Teach your kids to say thank you, good morning, and please

It is very important that you can teach your children to have good manners, since, by being kind, they will also be kind to them. Find out here why this is so important.

Last update: December 01, 2021

One of the words that most help to open doors is ‘thank you’ and ‘please’. It’s very important teach your children what is the value they have. This not only shows a reflection of your good manners, but also the respect you should have with other people.

These types of terms are essential, since they give great meaning to human life. When a child learns the meaning they have, they will have better skills to connect with those around them.

Instill them that this is essential for life and to develop, will make have good tools to have a better future. Some of the phrases they should say are: please, thank you, no thank you, good morning, among others.

Teaching your children to have manners will make them have links to language

In general, most people say that manners are a luxury good, and this is the opposite. The importance of good values ​​is not in exclusion or exclusivity. It is found in the sensitivity of each one. Practicing these actions is not only being considerate of the other, but also having esteem for them.

The basis of everything is in communication. That is why humans seek to relate to the people who are within their reach. When you have good relationships with these individuals around you, you will be expanding the opportunities to achieve better things in life.

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Some of the benefits that manners leave behind are going to be a great business opportunity. However, when you practice the value of companionship, you will be expanding your social network. Individuals who use social media become healthier, happier, and live much longer.

The great power that words have

Many times, when you come across an acquaintance who has had a bad day, you do not feel good because that feeling is transmitted to you. In most cases it usually happens with language.

If you wish a good day to that person, who has not had a good time and is upset, the most likely thing is that your mood improves and your defenses go down. The right thing here is that you are not self-centered and you can recognize others.

All the words that you teach your children, and that they will be able to learn, will make them become habitual behaviors. Today, society has a preference for individuals who are educated over those who are not.

If you take a little of your time and invest it, sharing good behaviors with your boys, chances are that they be more open with people who are around you and who you know.

Education starts from home

In order to have a good civic, social and emotional education for children, they have to start from when they are young. When a young man of only 4 years old, enters an establishment and begins to say ‘good morning’ and say ‘please’, always will awaken the attention of others and smiles will not be lacking.

It is a positive behavior, which helps them connect with others early. All those words that are shared make you feel more admired, respected and valued. For this reason, it is necessary that you share them with children.

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Teaching your children to say ‘good morning,’ thank you ‘, or just say hello, will make achieve better things. This will be the beginning to be able to express your feelings, such as: ‘thank you’, ‘I love you’, ‘I love you’. Each word that is manifested has a meaning for the person who says it, so he will say it when he really feels it.

Teaching children good manners will start with language. In this way, all those phrases that you know and that you have ever heard, will begin to share and will be a support every day.

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