Teach me the language, and I'll tell you how healthy you are …

Apparently the language It also has its states, and its appearance is a reflection of our state of health. Rightly doctors tell us to throw it out in consultation and after examining it, they draw their conclusions. But it is not precisely from western medicine where more attention is paid to this body. Other types of disciplines, which seek welfare and that are based on a concept of holistic medicine and alternative pseudotherapy, they are much more willing to listen to what the language, yes, in silent mode, has to say.

According to these it is true that not all Languages ​​are the same, but they all speak a universal language in terms of their appearance. Should we give this body the importance it deserves?

Curiosities of the blah blah muscle

Not everything that seems unattractive in the mouth is necessarily bad. For example, a tongue full of lumpsIt is the most normal thing in the world.

Small white patches or leukoplakia: When we observe this, it means that there is something that irritates our mouth. There could be something rough that brushed our tongue and that will usually disappear in two weeks, at the most. If not, we should visit a dentist as soon as possible.

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When the tongue reflects an image like white cottage cheese it could indicate candidiasis, something that is often associated either with the use of antibiotics or it could mean that we have a very weak immune system.

Red tongue very intense, almost fuscia color is not a good thing and actually means deficiency of vitamins, particularly iron or b12 vitamin.

Wrinkled tongue: This only shows that you are aging and is a normal part of our lives. However, we should not abandon ourselves over time. Even with wrinkles you have to wash your teeth and tongues because bad breath, like age, does not forgive.

Black tongue, hairy: It is not a health problem, but a warning that we are not taking care of our oral health. It can also be caused by drinking caffeinated beverages and smoking. Again: let's not neglect!

Red spots: No need to be alarmed. Let the tongue who has never had a cold sore, mouth ulcer. Having painful sores in your mouth may mean that you are under stress. They tend to be very uncomfortable, especially during the first four days and disappear in a few weeks. Of course, if you have regularly can be indicative of something worse. So if the episodes recur we should consult with the doctor immediately.

But this of the humors of the language seems to be a complicated science to elucidate for the ordinary citizen. For example, if you feel a burning sensation on your tongue, this could mean that we are in a moment postmenopausal, but also that the wrong toothpaste is being used … so the best advice, rather than spending hours in the mirror elucidating about the sinhueso, is to go to a specialist.

The language in Traditional Chinese Medicine

According to Chinese pharmacology, the color of the tongue indicates the health of the blood, which is responsible for irrigating the different organs with nutrients and keeping our body healthy and vital. The ideal color of a healthy tongue would be red, which indicates an important and healthy blood flow that runs through our body.

The tongue and the Ayurvedto

Ayurveda – an ancient art of healing, born in India more than 5000 years ago – uses, among other tools, the visual inspection of the language for the diagnosis of a patient. According to the specialists of this discipline, through the observation of this organ we can gather a lot of information about the state of general health and the functioning of the internal organs.

Based on its coloration different diagnoses are extracted Ayurvedic. Namely: A whitish tone on the tongue indicates excess Kapha and mucus. Yellowish, greenish or reddish colors indicate Pitta misalignments. And dark or brown colors are symptomatic of Vata aggravations.

For us to be a little clearer the gibberish of the previous paragraph say that this approach uses Doshas, ​​terms that are used in Ayurvedic Medicine and refer to basic energies of which all human beings are composed, and that are directly related to the mental, spiritual and physical states of the people.

Oral advice

A correct way to wash the mouth that connects with the previous discipline, although it is not unique to it, is to remove the impurities that cover it with a copper cure, and then perform rinses with vegetable oil, such as linen. or the coconut one. This "Oil Pulling" performed daily is enormously effective in eliminating bacteria, fungi, viruses from the mouth, teeth, gums and throat.