Taylor Swift is not the repellent girl we have been sold. And we like it very much!

The good pop girl, who was not literally disheveled at her concerts, who smiled like a toothpaste ad and who perpetrated a hit every five minutes, took off that mask to show how it is. And his revelations have not only changed our perception of her, but that They have been a life lesson.

Taylor Swift turned everything he touched into gold … except relationships. He was reputed to puree with the heart of his ex and acquired the bad habit of leaving them in stock in the angry lyrics. Friendship was not his thing either: he ended up at odds with almost all the singers of the moment. In 2016 it was fashionable to hate Swift and especially criticize her on social networks. They did so: Demi Lovato, Kate Perry, Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Kanye West and many more.

The meek young woman from Texas continued to reap successes that were indigestible to her enemies. And her. It exploded and departed for a year from public life. Now he has finally told what happened and especially who Taylor Swift really is. And he has done it in the documentary Miss Americana, which you can watch the Neflix.

Since childhood she was taught that she must be perfect and tried to follow that path. "I became the person everyone wanted me to be." Because as sexy, creative and rich as it may be, Swift, like most mortals, needed the approval of others. And what he got was just the opposite. The press lynched her incredibly for having too many boyfriends. Celebrities of all kinds insulted her with green envy.

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When he was 19 and he was thanking a prize on stage, Kanye West snatched his microphone to say that Beyonce deserved the award. Since then he has bombarded her with niceties like "I made that z famous …". And, in addition, from social networks mercilessly criticized his body. That was one of the reasons why he suffered from eating disorders, one of the most amazing confessions of the documentary.

The other is that he was filled with rage and tired of being silent. They had taught him that good girls don't go against it and his team of publicists pretended not to say what he thought so as not to get into trouble. But the singer has decided to raise her voice for something more than singing: against Trump, homophobia and for women's rights. She became a Democratic activist who says what she thinks, not what she is expected to say.

In the documentary, the artist also explains that she won a trial against radio broadcaster David Mueller for sexual assault, because while they were taking a picture, he touched her ass. The sentence was quite humiliating: Mueller was sentenced to pay the singer 1 dollar for the damage caused. TO From that fact, the singer vindicated the feminist struggle and became an uncomfortable, but free voice.

The new Taylor He doesn't want to be perfect anymore and that makes it even more perfect.

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