Tantric sex: everything you need to know

Have you ever heard of tantric sex? Probably yes, since it is a relatively widespread term. However, around it there are numerous taboos and misinformation that can confuse you.

Actually, this practice does not consist of a series of sexual positions (such as the Kamasutra) but it is a means to connect physically, mentally and spiritually with the couple.

Tantric sex starts from Tantra, an oriental philosophy that goes far beyond sexual activity. Is about a lifestyle that promotes non-judgment, mindfulness in the present, and connection with oneself and with one's partner. These principles can help you improve your intimacy and the quality of sexual relationships. We show you how.

Know your body and that of your partner

Tantric sex can be a way to connect with yourself and with your partner.

In Tantra, judgments have no place: there is no good and bad, ugly and beautiful. Thus, it is about exploring your body and your partner's with genuine interest and full attention.

The goal is to become physically aware and in tune with your desires and your feelings. Discover what you need, what gives you pleasure and how you experience that pleasure. And, in the same way, know the wishes, preferences and feelings of the other.

Tips to prepare the mind for Tantra practice

In tantric sex, balance and connection between body, mind and soul are sought. Thus, it is important to prepare yourself mentally for its practice. You have to empty yourself of concerns, worries and expectations for all of these elements steal energy and can distract you from the present moment.

To do this, go to self-knowledge, start to become aware of your thoughts and emotions every day. Write down what your inner world holds or meditate regularly. Also, before engaging in sexual intercourse, make sure you find yourself calmly minded and in touch with yourself.

Tips for preparing the space for Tantra practice

The environment also acquires great relevance in this practice. The objective is the involvement in this moment of intimacy with the five senses and, for this, it is important to stimulate them.

Thus, take care that the ambient temperature is comfortable and the lighting is dim and pleasant. Use essential oils, scented candles or plants to fill the air in the room, play soft music, and choose bedding that is soft to the touch.

Tantric sex exercises to live a more pleasant experience

Eye contact can promote intimacy.

If what you have read so far catches your attention, you may want to implement the tantric philosophy in your sexual relationships. If so, We provide you with some simple exercises that will allow you to get started in this practice.


Breathing is an excellent tool for getting in touch with your inner being and for quieting the mind. But, in addition, it offers you the opportunity to bond, from that state, with your partner.

Sit facing each other and begin to breathe slowly and harmoniously, trying to bring the air towards the diaphragm. Once this deep, placid breathing becomes natural, try to synchronize it with your partner's, breathing in unison as one.

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Eye contact

Remember that Tantra does not seek only sexual pleasure but also emotional fusion and the exchange of energy between both members of the couple. So, an exercise as simple as eye contact can help strengthen the emotional bond and intimacy between the two of you.

Get into a comfortable position and look into each other's eyes for a long time, with no other intention than to enjoy the other's presence and connect with them.


Patience, calm and the ability to savor every moment is essential in tantric sex. Therefore, the foreplay is a fundamental part of it. This may consist of stroking, kissing, a body massage, or taking a shower together.

Any activity that is stimulating is appropriate, as long as you keep your attention focused on that present moment.. The foreplay is no longer a mere formality prior to sexual intercourse and becomes a moment of delight for both on its own.

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Prolong the pleasure

Often when you have sex, you try to reach orgasm in a hurry, as if this is the goal and the path does not matter. From this point of view, the aim is to prolong pleasure by taking control of one's own body and delaying the moment of orgasm or ejaculation.

For it, It is essential to know yourself and identify the sensations, so that you are able to stop in the moment before the climax and continue after a few seconds. This will amplify and prolong the sensations.

Tantric sex to connect with your partner

Foreplay is essential to achieve the necessary stimulation and enjoy the present.

Tantric sex is an alternative that can improve satisfaction with sexual intercourse. However, there must be a consensus between both members of the couple to start implementing it.

In the same way, It is not necessary to include all the elements, but some practices and exercises can be added with which both members of the couple feel comfortable. By doing so, you will not only increase the pleasure but also the bond with the partner.

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