Tamara Falcó’s favorite restaurants for a romantic date, for a celebration with her mother or for brunch with friends

Tamara Falcó publishes ‘The recipes from my mother’s house’ (Espasa) and on Mujerhoy.com, in addition to copying her flattering bow hairstyle, we have not missed the opportunity to chat with her about a book that was simmered during cofining and that it is a true gift for the senses: it tastes, smells and feels delicious. We have talked about recipes, of course, and many of them have surprised us, but also about memories and flavors of childhood, the importance of family, everything that is created around a good table, by Isabel Preysler, from Íñigo Onieva’s favorite dish or how Mario (Vargas Llosa) eats lentils.

And wine, of course. But we will tell you all that very soon, because there is always one more thing to talk about with the Marquesa de Griñón: like the dishes of the best chefs, a conversation with her always leaves you wanting more. So since today is Thursday (it’s finally Thursday!), And the body knows it, we have prepared with Tamara Falcó a route through her favorite restaurants, those where we could find her on any given afternoon with her friends or with her boyfriend, with her mother or sisters.

To have a good breakfast … There is a place that I love, which is very small, Roots (Calle Fernando VI, 10, in Madrid), where you can have organic food, they make delicious avocado toasts, they have very good bread.

For brunch … In Madrid I don’t know so many, but the best brunch I have had has been in New York, my friends have brought me from there and I don’t remember the name, but as soon as you arrived they gave you a mimosa (a champagne cocktail with orange juice natural), which gave the feeling of being in ‘Breakfast with diamonds’ and they had delicious Eggs Benedictine. I love them, and as soon as I learned how to make them, I was preparing all my friends.

To go for the aperitif … We go a lot to Gijón coffee (Paseo de Recoletos, 21, Madrid), we love the terrace, it is in the center and people are always passing by, it is great in the sun. And the Arzábal Tavern, on Avenida de Menéndez Pelayo, 13, (one of our favorites also for its delicious croquettes).

For a gastronomic tribute … Tamara Falcó has just come back in love with the cuisine of the three Michelin stars Eneko Atxa in Azurmendi (Barrio Legina s / n, Larrabetzu, Bizkaia), but without hesitation, she stays with Dabiz Muñoz’s revolution in DiverXO, «I love it, I don’t Strange that he was chosen as the best chef in the world, it is wonderful. In fact, I have a reservation again for December to return with a group of friends ».

For afterwork and for dinner … Definitely, Tatel (Íñigo Onieva, Tamara Falcó’s boyfriend, joined a few months ago as general director of MABEL Hospitality, the subsidiary under which, among other restoration projects, the well-known restaurant in Madrid, located at Paseo de la Castellana, 36 is managed) We go a lot, so it’s time to sweep home. But they are doing very well, they have worked hard, they have great artists, there is one who looks like Frank Sinatra who have been brought from Marbella. And on the terrace it is wonderful.

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