Take control of your emotions: tactics to stop being sad

You have been disappointed by a friend, your day at work was not what you expected or you have failed an exam after many hours of study. In these situations, it seems that a gray cloud is chasing you and that your mood will not improve soon. But who has not ever felt sadness?

The positive thing about being sad is that it makes you "schedule" a little time for yourself. It invites you to have a coffee or tea with yourself and make yourself a priority. As a first lesson: take the time of introspection and reflection you need.

If your plan is to avoid the feeling of anguish, we tell you that you are on a path against you. Does your instinct ask you to be alone or to run away? It will not be an easy task if your friends or family notice that something is happening to you. When this happens, let yourself be helped and let them listen to you. The social is part of our emotional stability.


Many questions, few answers

Faced with a feeling of anguish, you have probably wondered who is guilty of what you feel, how and when you will stop feeling sad and why what happened to you that made you so bad.

To this list of questions we seek to give answers in a hurry, when sometimes those answers do not even exist. You must have patience, because everything will fit. Sadness is a necessary stage and it is also totally natural.

The important thing is to identify when to let go of the feeling on time. Don't fall into the dead-end spiral of focusing only on what makes you sad and drowning in it. It is proven that the brain is exhausted when thinking, suffering and returning to the same episode of anxiety. This can lead to depression if we do not administer it in its proper measure.

How to react to an adverse situation

1] Discharge the tensions: for example, crying. Tears are therapeutic and allow you release a discharge of endorphins to feel better. It is part of the process of "letting go" of the situation that is affecting you.

2] Avoid non-constructive criticism: Be careful with saying to yourself as an affirmation that you do not serve and that you have failed. It all starts with how you treat yourself. Be the person you want to have by your side and value yourself.

Tactics to stop being sad

Break with your beliefs: thinking that being sad is a negative thing cannot be more wrong. Challenge what you take for granted, such as associating a cloudy day with an "ugly day."

The way we think is built every day. Therefore, see sadness as one more emotion in your life that is momentary. Let yourself feel like this! There is nothing wrong in it.

Go for the binoculars, look away: Be an observer but do not identify yourself with negative thoughts that are often unrealistic.

Practice your capacity for abstraction, take a witness attitude. One tip is to write down your negative emotions on a paper so that you can “detach” yourself from the situation.

Helpful questions that invite positive introspection: What I'm thinking is true? Are there other alternative explanations? This will help "to de-dramatize" which seems so terrible.

It is not the same to say that something is "horrible" and "unbearable" than "uncomfortable" and "unpleasant". Find the words that fit your reality.

Allow yourself to be sad, but just and necessary, by following these tips. You are in control to think differently and change your emotional experience. Life depends only on one thing: with which glasses you choose to look at it every day.

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