Take care of your core also with nutrition: what to eat, how many calories, what fats are good…

You know how many planks you have to do a day to eliminate gut and strengthen your core. Know what the best exercises for the abdomen are and you have even given yourself over to the Utthita Parsvakonasana yoga posture to tone your core more deeply in search of the long-awaited flat stomach. But still the results are not all perfect. And if that happens, maybe you are neglecting a fundamental part of the equation: the feeding.

Turns out some of the old dietary advice that you have been following for years may be acting against you. The latest research is full of New strategies culinary to pick up the stomach and lose weight all over.

Diet and core go hand in hand

Contrary to what you have heard, that mantra of five small meals a day doesn’t work for everyone. The new current warns that you will eat healthier if you do it your way; that is, if you prefer substantial meals fewer times a day, there is no reason to force you to do otherwise. Of course: the number of meals does not matter, but their size. According to Purdue University researchers, the biggest problem with our eating behavior is that snacks have become meals, and meals have become feasts.

Be careful with snacks and fat

In the last 30 years, the snack size has increased from 360 calories to 580 on average. An atrocity. If we assume that a woman can have two snacks during each working day, what actually happens is that she is getting into almost 500 extra calories per day. In a month it would be equivalent to an additional kilo of fat. The bottom line: It doesn’t matter how many times you eat, but the size of your portions does.

Calories in versus calories out

The bottom line to getting rid of belly fat comes down to balancing calories in versus calories out. And if you walk all day with the calculator in hand, you’re going to stress and it will be worse. Instead, fill your plate with food energy-rich whole grains such as lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Because they contain a large amount of nutrients and few calories, you can eat more and feel full without increasing your waistline. You won’t even have to tell, you’ll be on the safe side.

The fats you should eat

Out myths: it is scientifically proven that eating fat helps lose weight. In fact, it is recommended that fatty foods make up 20-35% of your total calories. This, of course, is not an invitation to go to the nearest fast food restaurant. You must include the suitable fats, mostly monounsaturated fats like nuts, avocados, and healthy oils, and stay away from processed foods that contain trans fats. It’s all about adding dietary sanity to your efforts to show off your core.

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