Take advantage of holidays to charge energy and improve your health

With the arrival of summer we enjoyed more hours of light, and It's on vacation when you can take advantage of recharging energy and improving the health of your body. Adjust circadian rhythms, a healthy diet with refreshing seasonal foods, sun baths … we tell you how to get the most out of your vacation.


The synthesis of Vitamin D

Exposure to sunlight has many benefits. One of them is that it will favor the synthesis of Vitamin D, very important for the organism, This vitamin increases the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the intestine, protects the musculature, is heart-healthy, improves cognitive function, strengthens bones and teeth and strengthens the immune system.

Sunbathing will also help you improve your mood. Remember that to benefit from them you should expose yourself to the sun without protection for at least 15 minutes and not in the central hours of the day.


Adjust your circadian rhythms

The sun will also help you to resynchronize your circadian rhythms. Daily light and dark cycles are not easy to follow naturally during the winter due to work schedules and daily responsibilities. We get up when it has not yet dawned and we go to bed hours after sunset. The holidays are the perfect time to recollect with natural light changes also regulating the stress hormone (cortisol), melatonin (hormone synthesized through tryptophan) and prolactin.

Our body is designed to follow the cycle of natural light, synchronizing again your circadian rhythms you will be able to sleep better and lower your stress levels. Take advantage of the holidays to adjust your biological clock.


Active rest

In summer the days get longer and gives us the opportunity to do many more activities than in winter. However, the heat in the central hours of the day, invites to postpone and rest, for example with a restful nap. The holidays are the perfect moment, thanks to the fact that you do not have schedules, to make those breaks followed by less intense activities than in winter. The walks on the beach, swimming, jogging through the countryside or a forest, hiking, dancing or riding a bike are perfect activities to slow down keeping you active and vital.


Connect with nature

Without schedules, in a destination that invites relaxation and relaxation, be it mountain or sea, nothing better than reconnecting with nature. Walking barefoot on the beach or grass, breathing fresh air to gather vitality for the next winter, eat seasonal foods like refreshing fruits or vegetables, read in the shade offered by a tree … there are many ways you can reconnect with mother earth to recharge your batteries and take all that energy home. This will reduce your levels of anxiety and will bring calmness and calmness.


Hydration is basic

Do not forget the importance of hydrating in summer, since heat and physical exercise, even if light, will make you lose water and minerals through sweat. Drink plenty of water and take advantage of seasonal fruits such as watermelon or melon to rehydrate since they are composed of a high percentage of water.

Enjoy the dolce far niente of the holidays, of the good company, of the food, of the sun, of the naps and of activities that bring you well-being such as swimming or walking along the seashore. You will return to your city with the batteries charged and with all the vital energy to spend a better winter.

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