Tabata method: a full training session in just 4 minutes

Today there are few things more valuable than our time. We live with the complete agenda, and the truth is that, when we finish with everything we had planned, it costs to go out to the gym. The Tabata method is a solution for those days when you don't have time to train, but you don't want to stop activating your body either.

This is a type of training designed in Japan by doctor Izumi Tabata after comparing the physical results of training five times a week for an hour at 70% of the performance, or training five times a week for only 4 minutes, but at an intensity 120% The result showed that short but high intensity training had better physical results than long at low intensity.

Since then, this method has been perfected, and today it is used as training by many people who do not have time but do have a lot of energy to start training.

Benefits of the Tabata method

This training method has not become popular just because it requires little time, but also because it has multiple benefits for health and fitness.

  • Simultaneously improves the aerobic and anaerobic system

This method has two advantages. On the one hand, increase cardiovascular resistance, improving the aerobic system. But it also releases more testosterone and growth hormones that favor muscle development, endurance and athletic ability.

  • It can be done anywhere

You do not need to go to the gym or use special equipment. With knowing the appropriate exercises, have 4 minutes and a more or less ample space where moving can reach and spare. Of course, wear sportswear, because you're going to sweat!

  • It helps you lose weight

By training at high intensities we achieve a higher caloric expenditure, which favors weight loss. The best thing is that, by accelerating the cardiovascular rhythm, we not only burn calories while we are training, but also at the rest.

How to practice the Tabata method

The fundamental key of this method is to make eight series, always respecting this time: 20 seconds of high intensity training, 10 seconds of rest. In total, the 4 minutes proposed by the method are completed.

If it is your first time doing it, you can start with 20 seconds of training and 20 seconds of rest and go down slowly until you reach the 10/20 relationship.

The other thing that you should keep in mind is that, for the method to really work, during the 20 seconds of exercise you must put 100% of your energy, trying to reach as many repetitions as possible. No matter the number, it matters that you try your best.

Surely at first do fewer repetitions and then improve over time. But the key to the exercise is precisely that it lasts little but the intensity is very high. If not, it does not work.

You can choose if you work an area or several, but keep in mind that, as it is a very demanding training, specialists recommend choosing exercises that cover different muscle groups. Otherwise, you run the risk of overloading an area and injuring yourself.

Some of the best exercises to combine in this method are: squats, pushups, burpees, climbers, jump squats, abs.

This is an example that you can apply at home:

♦ 20 s of squats, 10 s of pause
♦ 20 s of push-ups, 10 s of pause
♦ 20 s of climber, 10 s of pause
♦ 20 s of squats, 10 s of pause
♦ 20 s of push-ups, 10 s of pause
♦ 20 s of burpees, 10 s of pause
♦ 20 s of squats, 10 s of pause
♦ 20 s of push-ups, 10 s of pause

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Combine them as you like!

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