Symptoms that indicate that your body is very acid and 4 keys to reverse it

Maybe you did not know, but everything we eat and drink affects our pH. And that, maybe it still does not mean anything to you, it's really something important.

The pH is a measure of the concentration of hydrogen ions in the body. The pH scale ranges from 1 to 14, with 1 being the most acidic, 7 the neutral and 14 the most alkaline. The ideal is to be at a slightly alkaline level, that is, around 7.4.

The problem is that the food that we usually have, rich in processed foods and chemicals, leads us to have more acid body.

How do you realize that your body is too acidic? How to reverse it? In this article we tell you.

Detect an acid body

Universal scale to measure the pH

There are some symptoms that will help you identify that your body is too acidic. In any case, if you have doubts you can resort to a simple pH meter that is sold in any pharmacy. You must do the test first thing in the morning.

If you know how to listen to your body, however, you can realize that it is acidic. These are the most common symptoms:

  • 1. Overweight

Having too much acid in the body causes more insulin to be produced and, therefore, more fat is stored.

  • 2. Migraines and dizziness in the morning

If you have headaches on a regular basis, especially when you start the day, it probably has to do with an imbalance in your pH.

  • 3. Dental sensitivity

Too high acid reduces the strength of tooth enamel. Therefore, if you feel more sensitive than usual to foods that are too cold or too hot, it may be because of your pH.

  • 4. Allergies

Recurrent allergies may also be due to a more acidic than alkaline pH, especially if it is food allergies.

  • 5. Sleep problems

Having the body too acid generates a deficit of calcium, which can manifest in problems sleeping.

How is it reversed?

If you have one or more of those symptoms and you feel it is time to alkalize your body, these are some things you can do.

  • 1. Take care of nutrition

The food is the main responsible for variations in your pH. While some foods are highly alkaline, others are very acidic, and you should not believe that the taste has anything to do with it. For example, lemon is an alkaline food.

Some things you should avoid if you do not want to have acid body are coffee, alcohol, white flour, milk, rice and hyper processed foods.

Instead, you should choose foods like green tea, ginger, cucumber, cabbage, lemon, seaweed, among others.

  • 2. Physical exercise

If you lead a life too sedentary, your body performs its functions more slowly. This, in the long run, produces acidity. It is not necessary that you go from doing nothing to being the heaviest in the gym, you just have to do a little activity every day.

Going out for a daily walk or doing yoga exercises at home can be a good start.

To avoid having a body too acid it is important to do, more or less regularly, a detox. This can be achieved through juices and smoothies, with enemas or medicinal herbs.

As always, drinking lots of water and staying well hydrated is essential.

  • 4. Emotional balance

Yes, your emotions also influence your body. That is why taking care of your emotional health is as important as taking care of your physique.

Doing meditation, dedicating time to what you like and avoiding situations of extreme stress can be as effective in combating acid pH as detoxing.

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