Sylvester Stallone never stopped believing in himself and despite the difficult times, he fulfilled his dream of making movies

This actor had a very difficult few years, but he did his best to fulfill his life’s dream. Find out this.

Last update: 20 September, 2022

It is no secret to anyone that life can be full of obstacles. Therefore, it is essential that people overcome them to meet their objectives.

This was demonstrated by Sylvester Stallone, the star who suffered a lot during his first 30 years of life. However, he was persistent and was able to carve out an important place for himself in the industry that he loved so much.

In this article we share his story. Do not miss it!

The adversities that the actor had to face

Sylvester Stallone did not have an easy childhood, because he was expelled from 13 schools. In addition, due to the fact of being born in a humble family, he could not dedicate himself fully to cinema from the beginning.

Consequently, he had to do a lot of work. Among these, cage cleaner, doorman, bodyguard, fish cutter and book seller.

However, none of those trades filled him. So he was encouraged to appear at multiple movie auditions to try to fulfill the dream of acting. However, it was rejected.

He once wanted to play a role that featured 300 guests at a party and was not given the chance. They told him that he was not fit.

For this reason, there came a time when he lacked all kinds of resources and had to go live in a homeless shelter. Likewise, he had to sell his dog to a trusted person because he could not satisfy his care.

Despite these difficult circumstances, Sylvester did not give up. In all his spare time he devoted himself to writing scripts.. And so he created the project that changed his life and allowed him to enter the world of the big screens.

Sylvester Stallone’s entry into acting

One day in 1975, Sylvester was filled with inspiration after watching a fight between Chuck Wepner and Muhammad Ali. Because of that, he went home right away and started writing a script about a boxing story.

In this way, after 3 days of great dedication, he was able to finish it and was very pleased with the result. Therefore, he set out to offer it to various producers.

Those experts were struck by the plot, but they wanted an established star like Robert Redford to play the lead. Sylvester was offered a lot of money to give up the idea of ​​having the lead role..

But he did not accept because he wanted to establish himself as an actor. The film company had no choice but to accept his conditions and Rockythe film in question, was released in 1976.

It became one of the highest grossing productions. Sylvester Stallone rose to fame and his character went on to be recognized as one of the most wonderful in all of Hollywood. So much so that he was nominated in the category of best Actor at the Oscars.

The persistent Sylvester found stability and was able to pay a lot of dollars to get his canine back. Likewise, they included him in many more successful projects. Among them, Rambo.

Many years later he joined the cast of believe, another of the films that marked his life. She enabled him to earn the distinction of Best Supporting Actor at the Golden Globes.

The recognition that today’s celebrity has

After each of the achievements granted, Sylvester Stallone has long been one of the most respected actors in Hollywood. In several awards ceremonies he has received euphoric ovations from his colleagues.

Likewise, it is a reality that receives the affection of all its fans on a daily basis. They always take the time to remind him that he is her favorite.

And best of all, it is the source of pride for your loved ones. Sistine, Scarlet and Sophia —her 3 daughters— repeatedly state that Sylvester is the great example of her. In the same way, Sage – her son who died in 2012 – is happy with her progress and continues to recharge him with motivation from beyond.

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