Swallows in the armpit, what are they?

Swallows in the armpit they are tense and annoying lumps that form due to an inflammation of the sweat glands. Actually, although some think that this term refers to a simple grain, it is a much more complex pathology.

The medical name given to this disease is hidradenitis suppurativa. It is estimated that it affects almost 4% of the population. The incidence is three times higher in women than in men.

This disease usually appears after puberty and has a large genetic component. It is a serious pathology since, although it does not put at risk the life of the sufferer, it affects both the self-esteem and the quality of life of the person.

Who suffers from swallows in the armpit usually feels a lot of pain and, in addition, it is usually continuously secreting an unpleasant odor liquid through that area. Therefore, in this article we explain everything you need to know about swallows in the armpit.

What do swallows in the armpit consist of?

As we have mentioned, swallows in the armpit are, in fact, a very annoying and disabling disease. It consists of inflammation of the sweat glands of the armpit. Due to this, the ducts through which sweat is expelled become clogged and an infection occurs in the area, since heat and humidity favor the proliferation of bacteria.

For the same obstruction, the pus formed by the infection accumulates and ends up forming an abscess under the skin of the armpit. This causes pain and can even hinder arm movement. Often, these abscesses usually burst and expel a secretion that smells bad and is very unpleasant.

Actually, swallows in the armpit are a pathology of the skin that can also appear in other areas. In fact, usually also affects the groin and buttocks.

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What are the symptoms?

Swallows in the armpit usually appear after puberty. Normally, they start with a single lump that lasts weeks or months. However, this disease usually progresses and is very durable.

In most cases, as time goes by, the disease gets worse and ends up affecting more parts of the body. For example, Hormonal oscillations during the menstrual cycle in women tend to aggravate the situation. In fact, after menopause, most women tend to feel much better.

Other factors that influence are stress, excess weight, moisture and heat. But also, there are numerous studies that relate Crohn's disease with swallows in the armpit.

The main symptoms of this disease are:

  • Black dots or comedones appear.
  • There are red lumps in the armpit that hurt a lot when touched; These packages usually burst.
  • Pus secretion with an unpleasant smell.
  • Itching and stinging in the area.
  • Over time, fistulas may appear, which are a kind of tunnels that connect the bumps under the skin. They are very difficult to heal.

However, one of the most important aspects of swallows in the armpit is that greatly affect the self-esteem of the person. This is mainly because they are very unsightly. In addition, continuous suppuration is repulsive.

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Is there treatment for swallows in the armpit?

The truth is that there is no cure for this disease. However, yes There are treatment options to control pain and help heal the wounds. The doctor is the one who should recommend the best treatment for each case.

Antibiotic medications are usually used to reduce infection in the area, as well as injected steroids to reduce inflammation and pain. Obviously, analgesics are given to alleviate the discomfort. On the other hand, there are more aggressive surgical options that allow better control of the disease.

In conclusion

Swallows in the armpit are a very annoying pathology that seriously affects the quality of life of who suffers it. Therefore, it is important to see a doctor as soon as possible to establish the best possible treatment in each case.